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Visiting Tom Carr's Shares (account name: penpaint)
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I understand that they are both wizards at chess.
A nice lady took this photo of Rose, Marie,Tom, Jackson and Greg
A major annual celebration in Seattle is called "Sea Fair", and we were lucky enough to be there when one of it's major features, the Sea Fare Parade, was scheduled. It started by the Space Needle,and progressed through downtown Seattle. So, after some brief refreshment at  a nearby restaurant, we took up positions on the curb near the starting point. Here is the first of the balloons.
We just loved to watch this little boy as all of the glitter and bands passed his choice viewing spot. He would stand there and rock from foot to foot as he danced in time to the passing bands. This "Red Hot Mama" thought he was cute also.
A very colorful Chinese group.
They were outstanding and their music special.
And here is the famous Dragon.
The Blue Angels
A local cheese company
The perfomers loved our little friend also
Watch me dance!
Now it is getting dark and the Space Needel takes on its night colors.
We finally got to our motel for a much needed rest. Then up early the next morning to go back to King Street AMTRAK Staten to catch the "Coast Starlight" to take us back to Portland. Here the girls are waiting in the train station.
The Coast Starlight is the premier AMTRAK train that runs daily between Seattle and Los Angeles. It is very nice. Here is the Observation Car, and there is a snack bar below.
Enjoying the beautiful scenery and nice company.
We enjoyed a fine lunch in the full service Dining Car.
At Portland, we reclaimed our van from the parking building, and drove to Bend, Oregon, where we had a great steak dinner and stayed in a nice Holiday Inn Express. The next day, Monday, we headed South, here approaching Mt Shasta from the North. We drove on the Redding, where we relaxed and stayed in a full service Holiday Inn, that we did not like as much.
We had a pleasant drive the next day, Tuesday, back to Rose's home in San Francisco, where she was met by her loving mother, Andrea.
And here she is greeted by her loving big brother, Ian.
We had a pleasant restful visit for 2 nights with Rob and family, then left on Thursday morning for a visit with Marie's Brother, John and his wife Sheila, who live in Los Altos. Here we are relaxing before having a great lunch that they had prepared.
We then drove down Rt 101 and stayed in San Louis Obispo, and then on to home the next day, Friday, via Malibu. All  was well at home, thanks be to God!

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Aug 30, 2005  ( 2 comments )  
Richard Carr (richard)
Very good history of your trip.  My only wish is for a map of Oregon and Washington with your route and stays marked on it.  Maybe mark up a map and take a picture of it.  That is once you recover from the massive effort this was.  Thanks for doing it!
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Amtrack is a great way to travel without the stress of driving, as were the trains in Ireland and Scotland.  Great job on your photo blogs!!  What a great learning experience for Rose!
Sep 1, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
Christina Roper (croper)
Loved the seats facing the windows....what a neat train!  Great photo blogs, really enjoyed it! 
Made me think of our great east coast trip years ago, and many many fun and happy memories from that trip.  The hotel that had the indoor waterslide!, the many breakfast buffets at the holiday inns where monica ate too much bacon, laughing hysterically during some trivia game over dinner, having a guy from merced who was dating a girl at merced christian school as our guide in the capitol, katharine getting admonished for making silly faces for every picture, getting VERY tired in the museums :), playing in the interactive museum at ben franklin's house, getting to drive into new  york for a few minutes and being awed by the traffic and thinking I saw the statue of liberty, sharing a bed with monica and katharine and having them steal the blankets and pillows, & much much more.  I'm sure I speak for all us grandkids when I say thanks for the great trips, grandma & grandpa!
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