The wall around the Sorenson Land!

The Wall Around the Sorensen Land!
January, 2007
Forming the cement slabs on our land!
These workers are building the wall, piece by piece, as they form the cement slabs.
This wall is now finished. It surrounds the land that will be the children's home, church, medical center and as funds allow, the block maker! It is located across the road from our Nehemiah wall where the Children of the Hour Matriculation School will be built.
In the background, you can see our Nehemiah wall.
Septic Tank, now finished!

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Feb 3, 2007  ( 1 comment )  
Richard Carr (richard)
Looks like you are making a lot of progress!
One question, why does the new wall have space between the ground and the bottom part of the wall?
Feb 4, 2007  ( 1 comment )  
Kathy Carr (kathy)
That's a really strong wall, nice engraving on the slabs too!
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