37 - Mi Mama Came and Visited!! --Nov 14

Mi Mama Came and Visited!!
Good ole Mexico City -- One of the most populated and dangerous cities in the world!!
Our amazing hotel!  I saw a different part of Mexico with my mom!  The nice part!  She treated me sooo good.
Heading off for our adventures!  Little did we know what was in front of us...
The (Palacio Nacional) Presidential Palace in the Centro Historico, which until recently housed the offices of the President of Mexico.
Our interesting trip.  The canals that we heard was the Venice of Mexico..Xochimilco, In the Aztec's Nahuatl language it means "garden of flowers". This was our first time on a gondola.  But different..
Check out the beautiful view we had floating from our multi-colored painted gondolas 
I got to try steering, it's a lot harder than it looks!
A floating Mariachi band that sang Mexico Linda to us for 70 pesos
Walking by a meat store, aaahhhh!!  We both stopped dead in our tracks!
Then, after metros, busses, more people than you could imagine, being squished like sardines with all the men, we arrived at the museum..
one of the best of its kind in the world; it can take days to explore
The national symbol of Mexico
One of the giant stone Olmec heads from Tabasco
Wow, we experienced fame for a bit.  These kids visiting the museum surrounded us and wanted pictures and to talk with us.  They were so fun!
We ran into my program.  These are some of the people I spend everyday with.
This is the Catedral Metropolitana, built in 1573 and completed in a Baroque style in 1813, it is the largest and oldest cathedral in Latin America.  The cathedral is sinking into the bed of Lake Texcoco and restoration work is underway.
In Quer鴡ro!!  We went jogging in our matching outfits. :)
The famous arcos that transported the water into the city back in the day.
We went to breakfast with Julian and Whitney and their baby Mikiah!
These missionaries have truly been a blessing in my life
Mejor amigas con nuestras Mam᳡
Fine dining in Mexico
Heading off to the salsa lessons
Yeah!!  Salsa dancing!  We went to the salsa class with the missionaries, it was fun times! This club looks like Ricky Ricardo's club where he plays "Babaloo"!
Go mom!
This guy knew how to dance
Yeah! Church!! 
?Hermanas en Cristo!
Marilu, Me, Alma
Playing ring around the rosie
Yae!  Futbol!! 
We play every Sunday after church.  Alma and I are the only girls.
Some of the group
Muchas Gracias mamacita por todo.  ?Fue bonito!  Me encanta me tiempo contigo.  Gracias por venir y ojala que tu disfrutas mi vida aqun M鸩co.  ?Te quiero mucho!

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11:39 am
Shaheen Taori (shaheen12342)
hi monica....this is shaheen frm india...really nice snaps...mexio looks grt n so it's ppl... :-)
Dec 3, 2008  ( 1 comment )  
6:08 am
Astrid Yanez (muneka_che88)
Wowww. that's amazinggggggggggggggg im want to get married in mexico, to my boyfriend .. in veracruz. is it hard? how do you like it... how is it going ... please let me know
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