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Photos of bibles and handwritten records saved for family historians  










ALL photo albums here contain at least one surname!



Major written surnames were used for the titles so the index does not reveal all surnames within the bible pages. 

If you are looking for a specific name and don't see it in a title, go to the 'photo album' link and use the search feature because it could be transcribed in a description.







Index for Bibles 


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Adams - George P. Adams Bible
Albright Bible
Allison, Morrison Bible (MI)
Ambrose - Josiah & Judith Ambrose Bible
Anderson, Harden Bible
Arnold - Welcome V. R. & Lovinia Arnold Bible (NY)
Austin, Hawthorne, Statham Bible & Family Notes
Baker - Isaac Lemon Baker Bible Pages (PA)
Barker - Alonzo & Mary Cleveland Barker Bible (CT)
Barnum - Thomas B. & Clarissa Atwater Barnum Bible (NY, PA, VT)
Basford- Walter Basford Bible
Bayne - William Jefferson Bayne Bible
Bean, Cameron Bible & Family Photos
Beard Bible
Bentz, Buch Bible (PA)
Bichsel Bible
Bossard, Mackey, Ottinger, Rehr Bible (PA)
Buffum, Wright Bible
Campbell, Pollock Bible
Cobb Bible
Craig Bible
Crawford - Walter & Sarah Crawford Bible
Crouch - Alice Crouch Bible
Dailey, Gillespee Bible
Ditton - Karl Ditton Bible



Edgerton - Joseph Edgerton Bible
Elliott Bible
Evans - John & Maggie Evans Bible
Faulkner, Hammond Bible (NY)
Fellman, Harwick Bible (PA)
Finney, Whitney Bible
Fitzhugh, Meade, Stuart Bible, Obits & Photos (VA)
Freeburn, Bronson Bible
Graham Bible (OH)
Gregson - Alfred & Ellen Gregson Bible
Harwood - Albert George & Sarah Stewart Harwood Bible
Hilbert - A. J. & Mattie Hilbert Bible
Hollenbeck Bible
Ingalls Bible


Jamieson Bible

Jennings Bible

Jones - Benjamin Jones Bible

Jumper, Fuentenberger Bible (IN)

Kasson Bible

Knox Bible (CT)

Koch, Gardner Bible

Lee - Cyrus Lee Bible

Leek, Wright Bible & Papers (PA)

Lehn, Ries Bible

Lentz, Dougherty Bible

Logan, Kneedler Bible

Maddox, Quick Bible & Mementos (KY)

McAllister, Murphy Bible

McCann Bible (NY, PA)

McCarthy, Nelsh Bible & Photos

McClenachan, Jones, Thomas Bible (PA)

McKinstry Bible & Photos (MA)

Miller - Joseph Miller Bible (MD)

Miller Bible (HI, OH)

Miller, Stetler, Yocum Bible

Moore - Isaac & Jane Moore Bible (KY)



Nash - James E. & Mary Sheldon Nash Bible & Photos (PA)
Newsome - Alice Newsome Bible & Papers
Northrup, Watson Bible
Nye - Frankie Nye Bible
Partridge - Joseph Partridge Bible
Pearson- Lars & Amanda Pearson Bible
Pease, Baird, Newton Bible

Perkins, Eddy Bible

Plough Bible

Pound, Shotwell, VanWinkle Bible & Notes

Quilling - Joseph J. Quilling Bible (KY, OH)

Rhodes Bible - Samuel Rhodes Bible


Sanner, Frances Bible
Seurles, Littlefield Bible
Sterling - Mrs. O. L. Sterling Bible (NY)
Thomas, Stoddard Bible & Family Photos
Vickery, Browning, Foster, Holmes, Perry Bible
Wood, Bryant, Krum, Moore Bible
Woolley, Head Bible





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