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Visiting Karen Ricketts's Shares (account name: kricketts)
Tecumseh Equestrian Teams
Calendar of Events
Instead of posting a list of upcoming events, I have several calendars to share. You can print them and keep them in your tack rooms, or wherever, to remind you of important dates:
Calendar 1: Open Show dates and other horse-related events
Calendar 2: Tecumseh Equestrian Team meetings, practices, meets
Calendar 3: Tecumseh Public School dates

Calendar 5: English 9 - Journal Topics and Assignments

Calendar 6: Seminar

Calendar 7: Writing for Publication - Journal Topics and Deadlines
Calendar 8: English 10 - Journal Topics and Assignments
Calendar 9: APHA shows with Youth/Amateur classes for SPBs
Click on the links below (All of kricketts's Shares Visible To You) to view the calendars, bookmarks, photos, documents, etc.
Please let me know if you like this!
Coach Ricketts