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Workshop (Classes) Schedules: evening calendar, | day calendar  | combined calendar


Roberta's Trunk Show


Roberta's What quilters Do excerpt


Roberta's I don't think itwill fit you excerpt


Pictures from Show and Shine the day before


Pcitures from the classroom


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WorkShop Policies (just below)


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  • Class fees are required at time of registration.
  • Registration by phone is possible but must be confirmed by use of MasterCard or Visa.
  • Registration is non-refundable, but it is transferable. Let us know, and we can try to find a substitute for you.
  • Classes may be cancelled if there is less than minimum enrollment prior to class starting date. You will then receive a full refund of your enrollment fee.
  • Be sure to obtain a supply list when you register. Read it completely to see what preparations need to be made. Do not purchase any class supplies until you are sure the class has a minimum enrollment. Classes start on time. Have all supplies purchased before the first class unless the supply list indicates differently.
  • No children or babies in class. (no matter how cute they are)
  • Please bring these items to all our classes: notebook, pencil, see-thru gridded plastic ruler, good pins, needles, thread, scissors for paper and fabric. A walking foot is required for most projects.
  • If your class asks for a sewing machine, please be sure yours is in good working order. Bring your instruction book, all your attachments as well as extra bobbins and needles.
  • When we set up a Workshop we always arrange to have on hand the materials and supplies needed and appropriate. Chinook Fabrics would appreciate if you did your best to purchase whatever you need to purchase for a project from us. Thank you. 

Lucie and the staff.


 YOUR FIRST TIME (here) See Below


Before you Click here to access the evening calendar, or here day calendar or here combined calendar  please take the time to read what follows:


It is possible to change how the calendar displays information. Do try and click the icons on the top left.


Clicking on the same icon more than once often changes the view within that style i.e. 5 day week instead of 7; 4 weeks at a time instead of two.


 This calendar seems to be adapted for intelligent phone use at least on a tablet. A nice view on a phone is to click the event view icon (the one with the number 20) once or twice and then the "Hide empty days" button to see a list of events with details shown on a scrollable list.


Don't forget to click the tiny "more" button on the lower right hand corner of each day when it is present. It will give you more information than it's size implies.


Once your in the calendar, you can save it to favorites, bookmarks, or as a desk top shortcut or whatever and never need to see this screen again.


I will add any new tricks as I or you find them.


*FIRST NEW TRICK, that was quick* 



October 10th 2012 

I felt that the calendar was somewhat cluttered.  The first thing I did to improve that was reduce the size of the images, which helped.  However, there was still a problem on days when there were two workshops.  This can only happen if one of those workshops is during the day and the other in the evening.  So, I decided that the way around this was to make two calendars: one for daytime workshops and one for evening workshops.  I did this and  (I think) it works quite well. Probably makes more sense too. The only problem would be if someone wanted to see both schedules together.  While I don't think this is likely to happen very often, this problem has a solution. It is possible to overlay one calendar over another, which would solve this problem.  It is too late tonight for me to get around to doing this but I will do so in the near future done.  For a short while, you're stuck with individual calendars.  Done


Oh yes, to go from one calendar to the other just select the one you want on the left of the page. Should be easy but I havn’t tested it yet.  After finagelling works very well. You can't miss it.


Also, Lucy asked me to put online the rules and policies governing workshops.  As it is inconvenient for me to work with the website at this time and anyway it seems that this calendar will be all that I need to give access to 




Please contact me here regarding any comments or concerns concerniing the calendar.



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