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The Blade Chroma drone is a feature-rich, more extensive, higher-priced quadcopter for the intermediate flyer. It is manufactured by Blade Helicopters which has a long and reputable track record in the RC Heli market-space. This quad ships from both Amazon and Horizon Hobby stores. Click on the Banners to BUY, or scroll to read the Blade Chroma Review & learn more!

  • complete package = no costly extras
  • idiot-proof flying w/ self-level, alt-hold, RTH
  • correct RTF gets you flying out of the box
  • stream video to controller display over WiFi
  • CG02+ camera for quality stills & video
  • Watch /Follow-Me modes for self-flying
  • control flight boundaries w/ GEO fencing
  • reported flight range less than advertised
  • remote throttle controls can be sluggish

Blade Chroma camera drone is a mid to higher-range quadcopter with a range features designed to appeal to all levels of quad-pilots from beginners to serious hobbyists who want to integrate their components. The blade has accomplished this by offering several models of the Blade Chroma: each with distinct characteristics. Blade Heli is an established player in the drone market and has been a trusted manufacturer of remote-controlled aircraft for quite some time. So if you are interested in learning about a fantastic mid-entry drone, our in-depth Blade Chroma review will tell you everything you need to know to make a wise purchase decision.

Model Features

The Blade Chroma is offered in 4 different models, each appealing to a slightly different target audience:

  1. Model 1: Ready to Fly / CG03+ 4K Camera / Controller with display
  2. Model 2: Ready to Fly / CG02+ 1080p Camera / Controller with display
  3. Model 3: Ready to Fly / no camera / with 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro / controller without display
  4. Model 4: Bind & Fly / no camera / fixed mount for GoPro / no controller

Which Model is Appropriate

  • Models 1 & 2: are targeted to those who want an all-inclusive package containing everything needed to start flying right away, take high-quality aerial photos & video, and enjoy inbuilt FPV capability.
  • Models 3 & 4: do not come with cameras and are geared to those who may already have a GoPro camera of their own, or who may not wish to do any aerial photography at all. They do come with camera mounts.
  • Model 4: does not come with a controller, and is geared to more experienced pilots who wish to purchase and bind a controller of their choice separately.

Camera & Gimbals

We were delighted with the recording quality of this drone, and the ability to shoot high-speed footage at 120 frames per second in full HD comes handy more than you might think.

The version with 3-Axis gimbal for GoPro works precisely as you would expect and the gimbal provides good stability under all situations. Customers who already own a GoPro camera and are not interested in some of the advanced features offered with CGO2+ and CGO3 cameras will be pleased with their purchase. The fixed mount version can only be recommended for customers with a minimal budget or for those who don’t care that much about video recording in general.

Flight Features & Modes

Blade Chroma’s flight modes are designed around their so-called SAFE Plus Technology. This technology provides pilots of all skill levels with a method suitable for their particular level of ability. This makes going from a complete newbie to a seasoned pro very easy. In the past, drone pilots often had to switch drones just because they reached their maximum potential and wanted more control and more functions. This is no longer the case. Chroma Camera Drone can grow with you and continually accommodate your expanding skill set.

The Follow Me mode dramatically simplifies done controls and makes it almost effortless to get professionally framed shots. We haven’t encountered any serious issues during our testing, and the drone was always able to follow its target intelligently. The same is also true for the Tracking Mode: the drone keeps its focus on whoever is holding the ST-10+ controller.

ST10+ Controller

The ST10+ controller is available in the Ready-to-Fly CGO2+ and Ready to Fly CG03+ models (Models 1 & 2). It conveniently integrates all drone and camera controls with a large and clear touchscreen display into a single package. The display gives live video output for FPV flying, along with useful telemetry flight data about the Blade Chroma’s location, speed, battery charge, and more. This means you don’t have to connect an additional mobile device (iPhone or Android phone) to your ground station to get video.

We have found the controller to be very easy to use and much more intuitive than other similar models. All buttons are high-quality and provide an excellent reliable feel when pushed, so you don’t end up banging on your controller like an amateur.

The display is reasonably visible under direct sunlight, but don’t expect any miracles. You will have no problems navigating the drone and aligning your shots, but colours and small details can get washed away. A quality sun shade can make a noticeable difference and is worth buying if you intend on shooting under bright sunlight. Despite this slight annoyance, the screen quality is excellent, and the Wi-Fi connection is stable and problem-free.


Blade Chroma is a versatile flyer suitable for both beginners and pros. It’s only when you go for one of two all-in-one versions with an included camera that Blade Chroma Quadcopter starts to shine and its full range of features opens up. The all-in-one nature of this product (high-end models) makes it the perfect first step into the world of aerial photography and also an excellent package for reporters, who would appreciate its no-frills nature.

There are reports online describing problems with battery duration and reliability. However, our unit was flawless in this respect, and we give the drone two thumbs up for its ease of operation and excellent performance.

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