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First Generation Heir XB Headlights Retrofited HID Projector Set

I acquired this to perform an HID projector retrofit on my sell 1st generation Successor xB fronts lights. That I brought in Installation couldn't have been much easier as well as the quality is fair. These are incredibly comparable to the Morimoto Bi-xenon Mini H1, price is very competitive. They also send me some very small screws plus all kinds of sockets to store the wraps on. I also bought the H4 portable twin light beam relay harness to create it connect as well as play.

I ever put in the Philips H7 X-treme HID set in my vehicle reflector headlights but the light beam is actually ... it doesn't possess a beam trend, the illumination outcome similar to a flash light and also last will and testament glare all the guys as well as auto steering approaching. While mounted the Aozoom H1 bi-xenon projector still with H1 X-treme HID package, the light outcome is amazing when performed straight, via a projector.
  • A projector including these focuses the sunny discharged from the HID pill (light bulb) and also gives it a handled "toss".
  • Extra importantly, a projector gives a "deadline" where the extreme lighting from the capsule is actually shut out coming from sparkling above the "cutoff collection" so the lighting could be tuned so concerning certainly not shine excessive and blind various other drivers.

    In the meantime, I have been actually using all of them for regarding 7 months and they have actually carried out wonderfully! I will recommend this to everyone considering a retrofit upgrade (that utilizes H4/H7 bulbs)!



AOZOOM H1 Bi-Xenon Projector Review - are they Worth to having?


  1. These Aozoom H1 bi-xenon projector kit are actually great projectors for the cash - I like my own! Nonetheless, perform certainly not expect your sunlight result as well as cutoff to be actually identical to OEM of more recent cars.
  2. The deadline is actually really good however certainly not as very clear as latest cars and trucks I've steered including BMWs or Mazdas. For a much older car retrofit, you can't fail along with these!
  3. As much as I can easily tell, they approach the Morimoto Mini H1 projectors.


Installment is astonishingly basic yet certainly not for the faint of soul - you must eliminate as well as cook your headlights - I cooked mine at 220 levels Fahrenheit for 15 mins and battered the lens off to put in these.

You may would like to replace the glue on your fronts lights to ensure they secure coming from moisture. I used GE plastic to close mine but there are much better options available. See to it you choose your auto's appropriate front lights size or even adapter when ordering.

Consult with aficionado online forums of your cars and truck for absolute best outcomes.


You will certainly require to straighten your fronts lights after installment, consult your manager's guidebook or even on-line forms/YouTube to perform this appropriately.

For certain makes/models you will definitely need an adapter for higher beam of lights, or you may re-shape your own self. If you're using H4 bulbs I STRONGLY recommend the "Innovite Easy Relay Harness for H4/9003 Xenon Bulbs" item.

It is actually completely plug-and-play for cars that make use of H4/9003 light bulbs.


All in all, they are actually a wonderful substitute to TRS site promotions.



Audi A6 Retrofitted D2S Bi-Xenon Projector

As Soon As the Audi A6 headlight was intense with good hotspot. But as time passes, the performance of headlight is actually much worse and also worse. the projector lense today is covered with a coating of white mist to ensure that the illumination decline certainly. Because of this, the car manager pertained to Aozoom for upgrade his front lights to acquire a much better driving sight.


The retrofit component checklist: AOZOOM D2S bi-xenon projector, FBL 35W HID light bulb, and also ABC 06 aftermarket D2S ballast.


It takes 6 hrs to retrofit our projector on the Audi A6 headlight, the brand new bi-xenon projector front lights includes an excellent circulation of light and a very sharp deadline that will certainly go your thoughts.


Our company could possibly discover an excellent difference after upgrade. The new headlight supply a risk-free steering sight and relaxed steering experience, that will help a whole lot to the chauffeur for lengthy journey.