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Hello to all visitors.  I have just (Friday February 19, 2010) posted UPDATED versions of the Yahoo! Roster Data and PGA Low Rounds Files in the Works and EXCEL formats.  The Works version of the Yahoo! Roster Data file still has the charts, which are very cool.  I have not attempted to set up the charts for the EXCEL version, but I am sure it is not too complicated.  The UPDATED Roster Data file now has spaces for entering the finishing postitions of your roster players and for the roster of the weekly best Yahoo! scorer at the end of each tournament.  Top 5s and top 10s can now be tracked, also.  The updates to the Low Rounds file are all to the left and are mostly related to earnings associated with a particular low round, finish associated with a particular low round, and the average under par by low round.  This sheet has helped me understand golf alot better, and I have found sorting by various colums can be very useful.  The 3 column sort feature comes in handy here if you would like to, for example, keep the results of a sort in order of year and then week.  Some of the data surprised me, quite frankly, so I am really glad I put the sheet together, although it was a very laborious one.  If you like the spreadsheets I have made, please let me know if you have any ideas or would like any help setting up a spreadsheet yourself.  My e-mail address is AtlBo@Inbox.com.
4-1-10 Added a link to PGA Tour Shot Tracker to the "All in One" file and updated the "README" file...Fixed a small error in the "Round Power" calculations.  The error caused a small diffraction of the data in the "All in One" file.  I cannot figure out how this little bug has crept into the mix, since I have been over the files so many times, but I hope this is the end of them...
Note:  Just noticed a glitch in EXCEL.  CUT & PASTE operations will cause an error with data computations.  Use instead COPY & PASTE and then clear the copied area by highlighting it, right clicking, and selecting clear.  CUT & PASTE operations are not necessary, anyway, but if, for some reason someone tries to do so, it will mess up the sheet.  Another Microsoft thing...
4-22-10 The round power bug keeps coming up every week.  The problem is that EXCEL chooses to assume that I want to continue to add round power numbers, even for players not in the starting lineup.  There is no formatting in the cells, but EXCEL conveniently adds the formatting every time I add daily data for the players.  Not good.  Well, I am fairly confident I have resolved the problem by protecting the sheet using cell protect.  Now only the data areas (and links) can be altered, so, if you would like to change the pictures up top, you will need to select "Unprotect" in the "Protection" link in the "Tools" selection of the menu bar at the top of EXCEL.  Then right click on the picture, select cut to cut the picture out of the spreadsheet.  To add a new picture, you select "Insert" on the menu bar at the top, then "Picture".  Then find the picture and click on it to insert it.  Right click on the picture and select "Format Picture" to change the size of the picture, etc., if necessary.  Remember to go back to the "Tools" menu to reprotect the spreadsheet once you are finished.  As for the cell protection, somehow, the cell protection is keeping EXCEL from adding the unwanted formatting to the round power column cells.  If there is another problem, I will post, but I am pretty sure this is it.  The rest of the spreadsheet checks out perfectly.  The latest "All in One" file has the fix...
I was hoping to avoid protecting the sheet, so that it would be easy to make changes to it (pictures, etc.).  I guess it's still easy, really...
1-6-2011 Welcome all Yahoo! Yolfers.  I haven't made any changes to any of the spreadsheets for Yahoo! Golf for 2011.  Just change the name of the file and the year in the top left box in the spreadsheet to get started for this year.  If you need to update the hyperlinks in a spreadsheet (like the "Fantasy Golf Best Overall and Team Statistics"  hyperlink in the "All In One" file), make sure the sheet protection is off and then right click on the hyperlink (don't forget to turn the cell protection back on before you use the file).  You can put the location of the link file and change the name to match with the file for this season.  You can also format the boxes (the text is originally white with no underlining).  I am working with a new voice recognition software program I bought called Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 to enter data.  It has some limitations, but I am ecstatic to be able to enter data so much faster now.  I recommend the software highly.  Unopened boxes of the version 10 of the software come with a great headset that is made for the software.  I really works great, and I recommend getting the headset, too.  Good luck to all you guys this year!  BTW...sorry about the drop down menu in the "All In One" file.  I just cannot get it to work.  The links are in the very last worksheet.  The tabs for the various worksheets are at the bottom of the spreadsheet.  Pretty cool and useful links...I use them alot.
1-11-2011 UPDATE:  Just got the "All In One" spreadsheet up with the formula for Yahoo! points for each player.  Now it is only necessary to add the player's name and score to par and the low round score to par (only once), and the spreadsheet will automatically tabulate Yahoo! points.  Much better! 
1-12-2011 UPDATE 2:  Tiny round power problem popped up again.  It seems to pop up when cell protection is turned off.  The affected area this last time was week 2 round 1 in column M.  For some reason the spreadsheet reintroduces logic that was removed, and the sheet will add the round powers of your bench for the one round to your total.  This could affect your round power overall by +/-20 points or so at the most, which is not much.  I recommend that if you turn off the cell protection you take a look at this area to see if there are numbers in the gray area of week 2 round 1 in column M.  Just remove the logic and reset the cell protection.  Everything should be fine after that...
I would like to recommend again Dragon NaturalSpeak 10 for entering data.  Enunciating takes a little while to get used to, but it will even recognize most names and enter them correctly.  I've cut the data entry workload a ton using the program.
1-20-2011 Corrected a small problem with one of the links in the drop down menu.  For anyone confused, the drop down menu is below the big blue link to PGATour.com.  It is the box just below the box titled "Dropdown Click Here".  Click on the drop down box to activate it, then click on the box above to go to the link.  The links are located on the last spreadsheet of the tabs bottom left.  You can change them, but I'm pretty sure it cannot be more than 10 although anyone is free to try more if you like.  I seem to recall formatting the area for 10, so that's why I think it's just 10 links.  I have no answer for why there is no way to activate the drop down without spawing a link.  I asked Microsoft, but they had no answer for that.  They were helpful with the formula for calculating Yahoo! points for the day, so it wasn't all bad...
2011 Final NOTES (1-27-2011) on "Yahoo! Fantasy Golf All In One" spreadsheet.  I am having fun with this game for the first time this year.  I hope everyone is getting the hang of the charts and all.  Some tips...I noticed today that it's not possible to remove the unprotected low round numbers all at once in EXCEL 2007.  This started me thinking that it would be smart to keep around a copy of the file that does not contain any data.  Since it's early, this would be a good time to clean out the file of all the added data.  Just rename your file with "2011" in the title of the file, clean it out of all the data, and save it again without a year in the title.  This way you will have a copy ready to go for each next year.  Also, remember if you are using the hyperlink to the "Yahoo Fantasy Golf Best Weeks and Team Statistics" file, you will need to keep the file in the same place and use the same name each year.  Then if you want to keep the file each year, you can save it with a year name at the end of the year, clear out the data, and save it again without the year in the name for the following year.
Anyone with any questions or ideas for me, please e-mail me at AtlBo@Inbox.com.  Honestly, this thing has had me pulling my hair out for 3 years, but, now that it's at least very close to finished, I have time for back and forth about it.  I'd like to hear your input if anyone has any, so thanks.
Oh, I don't know how this stuff happens, but I caught 3 tiny visual format errors in the "All in One" file.  They are in the first 3 weeks of the lower section.  3 single vertical line sections of the vertical line right of the players' names was missing.  I have posted an update, which again contains all this year's best weeks data.  You can download the file and just add your data to the top 3 weeks.  You can also unprotect the spreadsheet you have and fix it with a right click and a format change...very easy.
Hoping this is the last version for awhile...at least for this year.  Thanks for the downloads.  Hope the spreadsheets help!
2-13-11 UPDATE:  The "2011 Yahoo! Fantasy Golf All In One" file has been taken a step further.  Now when you add the low round score in the top section, it is automatically added to the bottom section.  This is a pretty big improvement although it doesn't seem like much, I guess.  Also, out to the far right of the top, I put average weekly scores for each starting roster spot and for each round (1-4).  This can help you see a little better if you are missing it in a round or in a particular group so you can focus your efforts.  I think this is about as far as I can take this way of tracking things.
Hope you guys are getting some benefit from using this one and the others.  One thing about saving the file year to year.  I have uploaded a version of the "All In One" file for anyone to just keep around.  The 2011 version is up to date on the bottom and with the low round scores through week 6, but the undated one is meant to keep around, so that you can start with a fresh sheet every year without deleting data.  You can even compile data from years in a sheet later if you save a copy of your results from each year.  If anyone finds a problem with the "All In One" file, be assured I will, too, since I am using the file.  If I do, I will post a fix immediately.  You will be able to find it here.  However, if there is something I do not catch, please let me know at the above e-mail address.  Well, I guess it's otherwise good luck to everyone this year and forward.  Don't forget about the charts in the bottom tabs, they are massively helpful for me...
I have started a forum thread at The Cut Line Golf Forums where anyone can go and post a question about the FREE Spreadsheets for fantasy golf.  The forum is free to join.  Here is the information.
The site web address:
The thread is located in the section called "The Cutline Underground" which is password protected.  The password is:
The name of the thread is:
Yahoo Fantasy Golf FREE Spreadsheets Thread

Please post questions, comments, and ideas at The Cut Line, and I will reply!

Caught a small error in the "UPDATED EXCEL Free 2003-2007 PGA Low Rounds.xls" file to be used with the "Yahoo! Fantasy Golf All In One" file.I don't know how this stuff happens with spreadsheets, but the formulas seem to magically change, sometimes.  Anyway, it was just one formula for a calculation on the left side.  It has been fixed, and the new file is up.  Just replace your old version if you have it already...
3-29-11 One last group of small changes to the "Yahoo! Fantasy Golf All In One" and "2011 Yahoo! Fantasy Golf All In One" files.  These changes are mostly cosmetic.  Some logic has been added to get rid of the nasty error symbols that appear like "DIV/0" and so forth.  Those only appeared before the season started, but it seemed worth the effort at this point to get rid of them.  There is one new box under the boxes in black with the MC totals and top 5 and top 10 totals.  Next to the red "Bench Points to Yahoo! Best Bench Points" cell is a new cell called "Percentage of Cut Rounds to Total Rounds".  It is approximate as it does not count the 5th round of the Hope, but I think that is fair considering all the no cut tournaments during the year and considering it is the only approximation in the spreadsheet.  There is also some minor formatting that has been added.  There is green from the new box which goes all the way over to the left.  Also, the font size for the Yahoo! Leader points has been changed so that the number is more noticable.
There is also one new change to the "FREE EXCEL Yahoo! Fantasy Golf Best Overall and Team Statistics" file.  A column was added for number over 70 for the course pars.  This column is way out right, and it is used in the updated file for the graph of course pars.  Now there is no break in the data to throw off the week information across the bottom of the graph.
One slight change in the "UPDATED EXCEL Free 2003-2007 PGA Low Rounds" file.  One of the player's names on the left was misspelled.  If you are a stickler like me, you can change out the file for the version that is up on the date above.
One last note.  I had to delete a bunch of the .wks files and some .xlr files that would not open in Works.  If anyone would like a copy of one of the old files in the Works versions, e-mail me, and I will send it to you or put it up...
I would appreciate hearing from anyone using the Fantasy Golf spreadsheets.  Hoping to really get them out next year, now that there really isn't anything much more I can do for them.  My e-mail is a little bit above...
4-4-11 One more change to the All In One Files for 2011.  I added buttons that will take you to the first open cell in the player column of the upper and lower (best weeks) sections of the data entry area.  Just click on the button of the section you would like to go to, and the spreadsheet will go to the correct cell.  These are macros, so if you have a problem with the spreadsheet saying they are dangerous, go to the "Developer" tab and click on "Macro Security".  Select "Enable all macros", unless you are uncomfortable with the choice.  If your "Developer" tab is not showing on your version of EXCEL, click on the Windows button top left of EXCEL and then on "Excel Options" at the bottom of the drop down.  Then put a check in the "Show Developer tab in the Ribbon" check box.  Here is a picture of the buttons:
I also added a white cell up top that totals 20 point rounds.  If you are into EXCEL, you can use the exact same formula to total wins.  Just refer the formula to column S instead of R.  You could use the same formula, too, for the S column to total 2nds and 3rds by changing the 20 to a 5 or a 10.  Remember to reset the Protection in the "Review" tab if you make any changes.
I am about 90% sure these buttons will work in a download.  If you have any problems, please let me know, so I can get to work on fixing them for the downloads to function correctly.  My e-mail is up above about half way up...
NOTE:  Caught the Round Power gremlin again.  This time it was in week 13 in the "Best Weeks" area of the latest spreadsheet.  Seems to pop up when the cell protection is removed. The formulas have been removed from the affected area in the latest version (4-5-11 upload).  The column is the one next to the players names that is aquamarine color.  The first picture shows the type of area affected.  It's an easy fix.  Just turn off cell protection, clear the data from the affected cells, and reprotect the spreadsheet.  Anyway, this is one little thing to keep an eye on...
I will do a run through of the spreadsheets again at the end of this year to test the formulas up top.  So far, every test I have run has been positive.  With the real test, I add 1s to all the data areas (other than player names o/c) and then check to make sure everything is totalling correctly up top.  I am almost %100 confident with all the formulas.  I know the total points are correct.  They are totalled from the sum of the A, B1,B2, and C groups, so I am sure those are correct, also.  The points by round I have checked manually, and they check out fully.  All that is left is the ratios, and I have worked with them recently, adding the logic to hide the ugly "DIV/0"s that showed up in the empty sheet.  I didn't catch any mistakes, and I was making a point to check over the logic.  The ratios have always passed the "1s" test, so...
Just went over the ratios with a fine tooth comb, and they are as they should be, so all is good for this year.  Just keep an eye on the round power column, especially if you turn off the cell protection to make any changes...
UPDATE:  If anyone has noticed that the calculations aren't happening in the "Yahoo! Fantasy Golf All In One" file, go to the "Formulas" tab, click on "Calculation Options", and select "Automatic".  That will solve the problem...
INFORMATION ON IMPROVING THE "All In One" FILE:  If anyone has any ideas for improving the "All In One" file, there is a free message board called MrExcel.  The posters are all totally cool about helping out anyone who is struggling, so it's a great resource.  I got help for the macros for the buttons in the latest version at MrExcel.  Very cool people there...
10-18-2011 Just put up a slightly altered version for next year.  No fancy add-ons or cosmetics, just added one stat up top in the blue square next to the red one over by the flag.  That's it.  Not sure, but I think it will be a pretty long time before there are any more updates to the file.  Doubt there will be any for 2012.  Please feel free to share the download link with your league yolfers or anyone else and e-mail me with any questions at the e-mail address up about mid-way if you have any questions or ideas...
Mojo Masters File
NOTE:  Whenever there is an update for "Mojo Masters" it will be put up here, so please bookmark the site and come back to check for updates.  Things are kind of creeping along with the file now, so I have no idea when the next update will be.  I am guessing no sooner than 2 months (February or March 2012).  Updated versions will be numbered sequentially like 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, etc., so you will be able to tell if there is an update up very quickly... 
One other thing about "Mojo Masters".  I mention below that I believe the file will only open with Excel 2007 or newer version.  I would keep a version up for Excel 2003, but KeepandShare will not allow me to upload files bigger than 5 MB.  I don't know why, but the 2003 Excel file is almost 10 MB.  The Excel 2007 version is only 3.8 MB.  That's why I am able to make it available here.  If anyone would like a copy of the 2003 version of the file, I believe it works, and I have a copy I will send to anyone who requests it.  Just send me an e-mail, and I will send you the file at AtlBo@Hotmail.com  ...
1-1-12 If anyone is interested in toying around with the "Mojo Masters" file, it's for golf, and it functions correctly, but it's a little tricky and may require some getting used to.  It still has some bugs and unfinished features that hopefully the new year will iron out.  Here is a list of bug a boos and things to know about the file:
-First, I believe the file will only function fully in Excel 2007 or newer, but I will get this confirmed and report back.  If you try the file in a previous version of Excel, and it works, please let me know at AtlBo@Hotmail.com 
-For each week, clear the previous field using clear and add the new field to the first column and row in "TW DataSheet".  You will need the add on "Trim Spaces" to Excel to make this work...get it here:
There is an Excel package containing the installer for "Trim Spaces" inside the file now (v4.1).  It's in the top left corner of "DataSheet".  Click on the package to open it, then run the installer for Excel.  A new tab will appear called "AbleBits".  This is "Trim Spaces".  To use "Trim Spaces", highlight names to be trimmed, then run the tool from the tab.  This is to be used on each week's field data in "TW DataSheet" and on players' names for all new tournament entries in "DataSheet's" green and white areas (below the black area).
Highlight the field and run "Trim Spaces" on the names.  Then they should show up in a comparison in the tab "This Week's MM".  A little trouble spot there.  The names appear in order, but the first name doesn't sort correctly, and the players with no mojo for the year wallow throughout the bottom reaches of the worksheet.  I will get this worked out ASAP.
-When the tournament is over, paste the first 15 player results from the tournament from Yahoo!'s results for the event into "DataSheet" in the appropriate green or white area below the black area up top.  Align the text and numbers to match what is above for the spreadsheet to pick up everything correctly.
-First worksheet is a game to make using the file easier.  You against MM for the week.  This might take awhile to finish.  It doesn't function presently.
-The buttons on "DataSheet" function flawlessly, but I wouldn't use the "Year End Data Reset" button until you have to.  The other one, "Restore Last Pre-Reset State" is for any occasion when you mistakenly use the "Year End Data Reset"...just a precautionary addition.  The sheet is set up for this year, so if you want to tinker, use the "Restore Last Pre-Reset State" button first.  When it finishes, just hit the other one and you will be right back to ready for this year.
-Still working on how to update the file every year.  It's important that all users start off with the same numbers, so a copy for download will have to be available.  Long term the buttons will probably be replaced with an auto download button for the change to the new year.  The main reason for this is that if someone takes a year off of using the file, there will by necessity need to be a way to restore the file with numbers consistent for it for everyone.
-Tournament entry button on "DataSheet".  This button enables you to enter which ever tournaments you want to count for the year.  You can also rate them any way you like, but anything different than the standards already applied will cause the numbers to vary from other users.
-Working on adding graphs that will chart each player's running mojo total over time.  This one is complicated, but I hope to have it by March
-Don't know if the pics in the "Mojo Masters" worksheet will work for anyone who doesn't have them in a file on their PC.  Still working on that...not sure where it will go
Here's a rundown of how the file works:
-Black area top of "DataSheet" is the last 15 events from last year.  The numbers for these events are adjusted from the numbers of the previous year as though they are the first tournaments of the new year.  This is important for the tallies of number of top 15s and so forth.  The numbers of top 15s would always rise if there weren't an adjustment.
-mojo for an event is (Tournament Weight*Top 15s for the year*Top 15s so far this year*Top 15s Last 8 PGA events*Top 15s Last 15 PGA events)/Avg finish in top 15s last 15.  "Top 15s for the year" and top "15s so far this year" may seem the same, but the first one continues to rise for each top 15 of the player for the whole year.  This number is the same for every appearance of the player in the top 15 for a year.  The other number is a fixed number that is one more than the number in the same column for the last appearance of the player in the top 15 of an event.  Kind of a cool thing that "top 15s for the year" gets larger in retrospect.  That means that in at least one sense past mojo numbers rise with each new top 15...the newer ones get larger, too, o/c, but it's cool that the older ones rise.  This affects the sums of the mojo for areas around the workbook...
-There is a side by side search feature that can be accessed via the "Search Player Records" button.  Just enter a player's name in one or in both boxes and press the buttons to do the searches.  Great for comparisons.  All the top 15s for the new year and for last year appear in order from last year to this year.
-One quirky thing that I actually like.  During the "Year End Data Reset" process, only the top 15 carry over mojo from last year to this BEYOND a reset amount of what they earned over the last 15 events.  These top 15 get those numbers just like every other player with a top 15 during that time frame, but they also get to keep 35% of their final total mojo from last year.  They are the only players who get to keep any amount of their mojo from last year in this way.  You will see that in the "Mojo Masters" tab column called "Last Year's Mojo".  Only last year's top 15 will have a number in that column.  This makes it tough to knock off the top 15.  Only a serious run of top 15s can put a player into the top 15 who doesn't start there, and, obviously it's important numbers wise for a player to finish in the top 15 and earn these extra points.  I think it's a fair reward for the players who carry the weight of golf on their shoulders...
A couple of things to not do:
1.  Don't tinker around with the reset button.  It could mess you up if you hit it twice in a row.  Numbers wouldn't come back exactly the same with the restore.  The restore button you can hit as many times in a row as you like.  It's just sort of a snapshot of the way things were before you used the "Year End Data Reset" last time.  There aren't any calculations involved in the restore.  There are some in the "Year End Data Reset" however.  Using it twice in a row will mean the calculations are done twice and the data available for the restore process will be corrupted.  Just use the "Year End Data Reset" button when you are sure you are finished with the current year.
2.  After you click on the following tabs:
-"Mojo Masters"
-"This Week's MM"
-"Last 3 Events" (Under contruction)
-"Top 15 Last 8"
-"Top 15 Last 15"
-"Top 15ers YTD"
please wait to let the processors finish the calculations before clicking on anything.  This problem will be addressed later so that the calculations will only happen after data is added, but if you click on anything, the calculations will stop, and the numbers will not be accurate for now.  They can easily be reset by clicking on a tab with no worksheet processes like "Mojo Comparisons" and then clicking on the desired of the above tabs again.  The load/calculation process starts all over.
Anyone with any questions on any of the files, please e-mail me.  Always looking for some good discussion on how to make things better or more useful.  Right now, I have no idea how helpful or useful the Mojo Masters Workbook will be for handicapping golf, but I think it will be at least a good reference. 
NOTE I have put up a quick 4.2 version that corrected some small visual imperfections in the "Mojo Masters" file.  The theme I use on the PC I use to do all the work grays out the backgrounds of text files and spreadsheets.  I like the gray effect, so that's why all the gray in the final workbook, but I have to occasionally change over to a standard theme to double check to make sure I haven't missed anything when I format to make sheet backgrounds gray for everyone.  Did that this A.M. and caught a few color changes that were necessary.  Some of the worksheets I just hadn't made up my mind what I wanted to yet.  They are all updated now.  If anyone notices any imperfections please let me know at the e-mail address above.  This is very much a "beta" project, so input is important and helpful.  The formulas and macros have been thoroughly tested, but there are still some minor glitches in the file.  I know about several of them, but none of them affect the calculations.  This is why I consider them minor...
4.21 of "Mojo Masters" corrects a color formatting problem with the "Mojo Masters" tab.  Pretty sure this is the last color issue in the file, but I am about to make one last check...All good
Added a pair of graphs to "Yahoo! Fantasy Golf All In One".  It has the first 3 days of my team for 2012, so you can see the charts.  They total number of rounds by number of points for the round for each starting group and for the roster.  Zeros can't be tallied by any means I know.  Excel charts count empty spaces as zeros, and the huge number would make the graph useless... 
1-10-12  Working on fixing a problem in "Mojo Masters".  After adding data to "DataSheet" each week, the data in the 4.21 version of the file does not refresh until the individual tabs are selected.  The problem is that the data in "Mojo Comparisons" will not be accurate unless the following worksheets are activated once after the weekly event data has been added:
-"Top 15 Last 8"
-"Top 15 Last 15"
-"Top 15ers YTD"
-"Mojo Masters"
For now, please select these tabs once each after you have added data for a week.  The data in "Mojo Comparisons" will then be up to date and include the new numbers.  I am working on an automated solution that will run through all the worksheets and update them when you select to go to another worksheet from "DataSheet" or when you choose to close the entire workbook while "DataSheet" is open.  Please be patient this may take several days to get done.  Thanks...
1-14-12 "Mojo Masters" 4.21 has been updated to 4.21a with the minor addition of a macro that updates the "Mojo Comparisons" tab automatically when it is selected.  This is not the exact solution I had hoped for as the worksheet now updates each time it is clicked, but the solution I want to achieve is very complicated.  Not sure when that will come along...might not even be this year.  As with all Excel processes, after you have clicked on "Mojo Comparisons" and the process starts, please do not click until the process is finished.  Make the most of your visits to this tab, since it takes 15-20 seconds for the update to occur.  All completed worksheets now update automatically when they are selected...
1-19-12 "Mojo Masters" 4.21b is up with some progress on the tab "Last 3 Events".  Hope I can get it bugged out soon.  For those who downloaded the file with the results in it, I noticed that Kevin Na in week one had a ' next to his name in "DataSheet".  The comparison sheets won't include his numbers from the first event without his name being spelled correctly.  Just something I noticed and fixed in mine...not sure if it was in Yahoo!'s data or something I somehow dropped in by accident.  Just something to be aware of...
1-22-12 "Mojo Masters" 4.3 is up.  The "Last 3 Events" tab is now finished.  Just have to finish "2 Year Mojo Per" and "Pick 15".  No idea how long this will take...could be months.  There is also a search tool on the player search userform launched from "This Week's MM" that isn't finished.  If you like the file, the best I can say is just keep trying back...
1-25-12 "Mojo Masters" 4.4 is now available.  Major improvements to the file.  "Last 3 Events" and "2 Year Mojo Per" worksheets are both finished.  The menu at the top of "2 Year Mojo Per" makes it possible to sort the worksheet by any of the columns.  Just have the game page, "Pick 15", remaining to finish as far as the main body of the workbook goes.  There are some more tools for "This Week's MM" that I am working on.  I will have it all as soon as I can, but some of these features are very complicated.  The two pages finished in this update happened very fast.  I don't think the next phase will happen as fast.  I would say this is a must download version. 
1-25-12 Small change to "Mojo Masters" 4.4.  If you downloaded the file, and the autosort wouldn't work for you in the "2 Year Mojo Per" worksheet, do one of the following:
-Click on the "2 Year Mojo Per" tab and wait for the sheet to load.  Click on Unprotect sheet.  This feature is in the "Review" tab of Excel 2007.  The press the same button again to reprotect the worksheet.  When the dialog comes up, scroll down to "Use Auto Filter" and place a check in the box.  Then click OK.  The sorts will now work for you.
-The other way to go is to download the file again.  I fixed the problem, and the fix is in the 4.4 that is up now... 
1-27-12 Took me until this AM to realize the AutoSort was being turned off by the protect line in the "2 Year Mojo Per" worksheet.  Still a hang up there.  To use the autosort for the time being it will be necessary to turn off the cell protection for the worksheet.  I will get the problem resolved as quickly as possible.
1-28-12 Learned from MS that it's not possible to have use of the filters with the cell protection on.  Very strange given the length that they went to to provide for choices for users when it comes to cell/sheet uses and editing under protection.  If you aren't familiar with Excel enough to know how the protection dialog works, trust me this is looney... 
1-28-12 Aware of the sort problems in "This Week's MM" worksheet.  I know what's going on, but at least the players with mojo show up in order.  I will be working on this, but I have absolutely no idea when it will get fixed.  The players with no mojo simply take the places of the player who was in that place with no mojo the last week based on the field list as it is placed in "TW DataSheet" cell A1.  NOTE:  Not sure I mentioned this before, but the second column in "TW DataSheet" is not important.  Tournament field names go in A1 and down....
2-6-12 Version 4.42 is now up for download with all the latest annual data.  Made a small change to the macro in "2 Year Mojo Per", so it will update with new data.  Worksheet wasn't updating.  In this latest version, cell protection has been removed from the cells, so please be careful not to change any formulas.  The sort feature will work with the cell protection removed from the cells in "2 Year Mojo Per", but to turn it back on in 4.42 the worksheet cells will have to be reformatted.  If you are worried about messing up a formula(s), turn off the sheet protection in "Review" (Excel 2007) (it's on, because it's in the macro to be turned on when the sheet is activated...it's the cells that have the protection turned off), then highlight A1:L401 (doubt there will be more than 400 golfers in two years).  Then right click on the selected area and select "Format Cells".  Select the last tab titled "Protection" and place a check in "Locked".  Then reprotect the sheet.  The sort filters won't work for you unless you turn off the sheet protection (actually I am conflicted over whether the sorts will work at all with the cells checked as "Locked"), but it is an option (I think), turning off the sheet protection when using the worksheet.  Sheet protect will turn itself back on with the macro when you leave the sheet and come back.  Again, I am not certain the sheet will sort using this method as I seem to be getting conflicting results.  That's why I unlocked the cells...I wanted to use the filters.
3-7-12 Have up now 4.43 to address the insidious sort bug in tab "This Week's MM" tab.  The field for the WGC Cadillac event and the top 15s for all the events are in the file, so it's ready to go.  I think the sort problem is fixed. 
*3-7-12 Got a little bit better bug fix up for the sorting problem in "This Week's MM".  The new file is 4.43a.  At least the names will all be together now.  They are first sorted in reverse alphabetical order which brings the names together then by column Z so the numbers are in order.  Sorting alphabetically sends the players with no mojo for the year to the bottom and leaves them there for some reason.  It's much better to look at now...



 2013 Mojo Masters file updated for this year of Yahoo! golf:

If anyone is here for the Mojo Masters file for 2013, it has been updated.  There was a small error in the reset function to reset to this year, so it will be important to be using this file this year.  If you use your file with the reset function as it was, the numbers will be off for this year.  It was a simple problem with the transfer of data from the mojo data adjuster to the "DataSheet" page that is crucial for starting the year correctly.  Otherwise, the file is good to go.  If you are looking for a way to track your own results, you can download the Yahoo! Fantasy Golf All in One file.  It's great for that with very nice graphs for spotting the trends in your selections by group and round.


The game section of "Mojo Masters" is not finished, and I have no current plans to work on the area, so I can't make any promises.  The likeliest event would be that it would be part of an online offering of this file at some point in the future.  Until then, I will be updating the file annually, so make sure you come back each year for the latest version with the correct numbers for the start of the year.


 I have added the tournaments that I thought are the most important for this year in the "DataSheet" area.  That can be changed by using the "Enter New Events" button on the top left of "DataSheet".  There are also the tournament weights there which can be adjusted.  I went with some international events this year as some of those events are becoming very important.


 To learn more about "Mojo Masters" read the areas above this one.  There are some important facts about the file.  Good luck for 2013!