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9. 11/15/05 - Believe...
The Christmas decoration/craft I made this weekend.  Aaron helped me out, but won't let me hang it yet.  He doesn't get it, "believe in what?" he asks.
I had a nice 3-day weekend to recover from a very busy week at work, as we got Veteran's day off!  Friday I slept in and had a leisurely breakfast before working on my scrapbook for awhile, finally putting in pictures from our NYC vacation (which means I'm now 8 months behind!).  I had The View on in the background, and they were discussing the recent comments made by Pat Robertson regarding the Intelligent design debate and to my surprise, 2 of the 4 hosts on the show spoke in favor of allowing Intelligent Design to be taught in the schools (along with evolution).  And they held their ground, even though the 2 older hosts tore into them for even suggesting that.  It was nice to see a balanced view presented.  My friend Becky and I went on a little shopping outing and ate lunch at Panera Bread, a great new breakfast/lunch place, similar to La Bou. 
So get this, when we returned from Yerington 2 Sundays ago (Nov. 6) our funny strange neighbor across the street (who had her house completely and crazily decorated for Halloween) already had her Christmas decorations up!  Lights, blow-up Santa and everything!  Then, a few days ago, the neighbors directly across from her put up their decorations, lights, blow-up snoman and all!  So much for Thanksgiving.  I mean, I can't wait for Christmas and I've started on my cards and started thinking about my baking and such, but you have to draw the line somewhere.  Although I remember my mom playing Christmas music before Halloween sometimes.  I did get inspired though and made some Christmas decorations/crafts over the weekend.
Aaron got to go shooting with my dad and a couple guys from our church on Sunday.  I taught 4s & 5s for the first time on Sunday.  It was much easier than the 2s & 3s.  What a difference, they actually listen!  Though it felt foreign to be in a different room.

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Nov 16, 2005  ( 2 posts )  
Richard Carr (richard)
That's not cheating!  It's using your time wisely  :-)
Christina Roper (croper)
No, I cheated.  The letters were purchased at Jo-Anns.  I just painted them.
Nov 15, 2005  ( 4 posts )  
Kathy Carr (kathy)
So cute!  I have the same sign in metal: I got it when Rebecca was here.  Are the letters cut with a jigsaw?
Monica Galvan (monica)
LOOOVVEEE the decoration!  wow, when your older, you could be a wedding coordinator, card maker, professional scrapbook maker, or decorater maker - so many options.  no fair, you and beck got all the creative talents!
Becky Garrett (becky)
Christina, the "Believe" thing turned out very cool, I love it.  The letters are the perfect size. Thursday and Friday were a lot of fun we need to get together more often. Have a good week!
Richard Carr (richard)
That is a great Christmas decoration!  I'm a little slow.  When I saw it Saturday night I didn't realize it was for Christmas (you know, since it's before Thanksgiving I don't connect much with Christmas).
It sure was fun shooting with Aaron and the other guys.