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10. 11/22/05 - A nice perch for the Queen
Well, this is old...I never finished it before Thanksgiving, but thought I'd put it up anyway.
On saturday we ordered a new couch, chair and end table.  It was very exciting.  The couches we have now are thrice hand-me-downed, and over 20 years old, and taco around you when you sit down.  The new couch is a modern looking style with tall legs and smooth lines to it, but still comfortable of course.  It's in a swirly leaf textured pattern with chocolate & creme.  The chair is very minimalist looking also and is a solid chocolate in a micro-fiber so that liquids ball up on it.  The end table is skinny with black legs & body & drawer and an oval cherry top.  The new furniture will help open up the room and make the area look a little more spacious, not to mention nicer.  We also ate lunch at Wendy's (frosty..yes!) and did some Christmas shopping at good ole Target. 
Sunday, the alarm didn't go off, so we missed church, but still had sunday school where Aaron did the lesson for the high school group, and Mom & I had a big bunch for the 4s & 5s.  After church, we had lunch at my parents house and played with the new kitty Faith, who is so much fun right now.  Though we didn't leave without a few good scratches and bites after Aaron got her all wound up.  Here she has found a nice perch from which to view her domain...
She's quite the queen around there with her fancy, auto-clean litter box and all.  :)  And apparently, she already has caught her first mouse, so she's doing her job!

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Dec 2, 2005  ( 1 post )  
Doug and Doris Campbell (douglas210)
I want to see pictures of the new furniture!  All we have are also "hand me downs" picked up from yard sales!
Dec 1, 2005  ( 1 post )  
Richard Carr (richard)
We sure love having you two over.  I sure love your weekly highlights.  Keep them coming!
Love, Dad
Nov 30, 2005  ( 1 post )  
Monica Galvan (monica)
OOHH, kitty, how cute!  ca<nt wait to try out the new couches, SOOONN!! YAEE