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2. 9/19/05 - It Was Cold & We Didn't Catch a Single Fish
Camping at Blue Lake
For our first camping trip just the two of us, Aaron & I camped at Upper Blue Lake this weekend.  The turnoff is a few miles past Kirkwood, then about 45 min. east.  It was a very pretty, very blue little lake.  The weekend was however, in a word, cold.  During the day wasn't bad with the sun shining, but still most of the weekend I had 2 pairs of socks on, 2 pairs of pants on, and no less than 5 layers up top.  Despite the rumors of it being the start of deer hunting season, it was almost empty and we had our choice of camp spots.  We got a nice one right on the lake, but right next to the drinking family.  It was a random bunch of people that grew and shrank throughout the weekend.  At one point, there was a baby, then the baby disappeared.  Then grandma was there, then she disappeared.  It was very bizarre.  But throughout it all, there was the campfire and lots of cocktails and endless meaningless conversation.   Aaron was very entertained.
We enjoyed our campfire as well, roasting hot dogs for dinner and smores for dessert.  We quickly ran low on matches, so used creative and unsafe ways of lighting the campstove off the campfire and vice versa.  We broke in our cute little campstove.  It was fun cooking on it outside on the picnic table and percolating our coffee and heating up water on it to wash dishes and faces.
We spent a lot of time in the boat, but didn't catch any fish, despite trying several different methods and bait and stuff.  Oh well.  It was very pretty, and I drove the boat for the first time, and drove the truck with the trailer behind it for the first time. 
High School Boys
Aaron had his small group at our house for the first time last Thursday.  He got a good turnout and they had a good time.  Some even got tricked into eating dog jerky, thinking it was the real thing.  oooops.  When I got home the house reeked of potato chips.  They enjoyed our original old school Nintendo and played mini baseball in the new back yard until the ball was inevitably hit over the block wall and onto Twin Cities.
The Lawn Update
Speaking of the lawn, I discovered yesterday when we got home that there were WEEDS! in the new lawn!  Before unpacking or anything, I immeadiately began walking around plucking them out, completely freaked out.  Funny how motivated you are to pull weeds when it's your own lawn you sweated over.  I got some but there's still some major weeding to do this weekend.  Guess dirt did have its upsides.  :)

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Sep 21, 2005  ( 1 post )  
Monica Galvan (monica)
love the update, can't wait to see pixs.  Glad you guys got to go camping!
Sep 20, 2005  ( 3 posts )  
Robert Carr (robert)
what, you didn't go swimming?    That's the whole point of lakeside camping!  :-)
Christina Roper (croper)
Yes, the high school boys got tricked (by their peers) into eating dog jerky (made for dogs), guess it's pretty tasty, because they had no idea and liked it.  :)
We slept in our new tent we got for Christmas.  It's from Wal-Mart and goes up in about 10 seconds.  The poles are actually built into it, so there's no assembly required!  It just kind unfolds itself and pops up.  It's the neatest thing.  And we do have high-quality sleeping bags that we also got for christmas, but it was still cold.  I hope to put photos up by this weekend. 
Yeah, we knew we were coming in on the tail end of the season, but it was the first chance we'd gotten.  Next summer, we'll definitely do more.  I'd like to go back during swimming weather.  We were at Upper Blue Lake.  Aaron's family did a lot of camping at Lower blue lake when he was growing up but it was currently drained way low (I guess so the overflow from upper blue lake could go over the dam during and after the winter?), and you couldn't put a boat in it.  No, we didn't see the funny outhouse, we'll have to look next time.
Robert Carr (robert)
Christina, how great you guys camped.   Yes, the Sierras can be cold at night anytime of the year (just ask any of the famous Carr backpackers), but certainly this late in the season you were asking for a frosty experience.
Aren't there more than one blue lake?  Which one were you at?   
Ian and I were at Blue lake last Summer, we rode our mountain bikes from there to the edge of the wilderness area to the east of there... it was fantastic.  Did you see the special funny outhouse by the road just before the junction to the blue lake campgrounds?
Sep 19, 2005  ( 4 posts )  
Tom Carr (penpaint)
Is dog jerky made out of dogs, or made for dogs???
Where did you sleep?
Did you have sleeping bags?  Were they warm enough?
When will we see photos?
I enjoyed reading this very much!
Katharine Carr (katharine)
camping = fun!
Kathy Carr (kathy)
5 layers!  I guess you were prepared. could you sleep at night with your drinking neighbors?  I don't get it; what's dog jerky?
Richard Carr (richard)
I really enjoyed reading it.  Nanarie can tell you about some cold camping also  :-) while we were growing up.  Did the boys actually eat the dog one?