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4. 10/3/05 - Music & Dancing
We had an eventful weekend....
Friday was our board or directors retreat at work which I gave an improptu presentation at.  Friday night was a bbq for the board at our Executive Director's house.  Aaron and I were invited to come.  He of course was dragging his feet, thinking he'd be terribly bored, but to his pleasant surprise, the whole night was right up his alley.  They had some entertainment for the evening, a musician duo who played mostly "cowboy music", on the guitar, mandolin and violin. They also played some irish and spanish music, singing several songs completely in spanish.  While talking during dinner, Aaron discovered that 1 of the musicians had gotten to meet Chris LeDoux (Aaron's favorite country singer) and had even gotten to share the stage with him "only twice".  The look on Aaron's face when he heard that was priceless!  So, it was quite a night for him! 
Saturday morning we saw Aaron's childhood friend Ryan, graduate from the Police Academy.  He has a job already with Galt PD and starts today!  He also graduated with his cousin and another friend from from growing up that Aaron knew.  As well as 2 more local galt boys that we knew.  It was a neat ceremony.  Afterwards there was a party for all 3 of the graduates, and Aaron got to see lots of old friends from Galt Bible and from school.  We also got to meet Ryan's girlfriend, who was visiting from Seattle. 
Saturday night we went dancing with Ryan and his girlfriend.  We went to the Sacramento Ballroom.  It was quite an experience.  They offer classes and then have open dancing.  We took Beginners Salsa from 8 - 9, then did the open dancing till around 11.  We were by far the youngest people there!  And also the most inexperienced.  They did a lot of ballroom dancing - foxtrot, waltz, etc.  And we didn't do so well at attempting that, but we did get to put into practice our limited salsa moves that we'd learned.  It was a neat place, and very well organized.  A lot of single people go, and they have "mixer" dances where you can dance with people without even having to ask them.  Anyway, Aaron and Ryan were both great sports. 
Guess that's it for now...

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Oct 10, 2005  ( 1 post )  
Robert Carr (robert)
Christina, I love the weekly updates.  Dancing in Saco, does it get any better?
Oct 3, 2005  ( 5 posts )  
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Thanks! I had no idea it was so cheap! You are becoming quite the writer; maybe someday you can put this all in a book! Love, Mom
Christina Roper (croper)
It was $6, and that included the lesson and the open dancing.  Plus, they have free coffee and snacks.  They have lessons during the week too.  Their website is   You and dad should totally go sometime.
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Wow, how much is the class?  What fun, all the stuff you cram in on the weekends!
Monica Galvan (monica)
Yaee!  Sounds like an awesome weekend!  How fun!  How did you like the salsa??  Is the place in Old Sac or Downtown??
Richard Carr (richard)
That's great that Aaron was able to see his old friends.  Kathy and I were able to see our old friends in Merced yesterday.  It was quite a treat.  One of the people Kathy met was Steve Moldenhauer who right after started using KeepAndShare.  Check him out at