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6. 10/18/05 - Double the Aunt, Double the Uncle
Double the Aunt, Double the Uncle
We found out a few weeks ago that we are soon to have not one, but TWO more nieces or nephews come May.  Aaron's oldest brother Billy and his wife Stacy are expecting their first baby.  This announcement came shortly after Dallas and Jen announced they were expecting their second child.  And in a "it could only happen in a movie" twist, they have the exact same due date!  Of course, the jokes of carpooling to the hospital have already started, and needless to say there will be bets placed on whose baby will come first.  But it will be great to have not just one baby to share with all the family members who want to hold him/her, but two!  All of the Roper family is very excited, especially the grandparents.  :)
Yet Another Project
Just when we all thought the house and yard projects were winding down, Aaron came up with a new one.  So, this weekend we made two Home Depot trips and turned our useless south side yard into something useful.  We fenced it in all the way up to the front edge of the house, and now will be able to store stuff in it unseen.  Plus, we'll knock down the (now) interior fence, put a chain link fence on the back edge of the house, and have a dog run for Jack, thus saving our new grass.  He has already worn paths into the grass, so this will be a better place for him while we're at work.  The project was accomplished in lightning speed as we got the posts set and the cross pieces in on Sat. and put all the fence boards up in 1.5 hours Sunday night in the dark. 
Pumpkin Carving
So, last night I carved pumpkins for the first time in a ton of years (well really the first time I did the actual carving ever I guess) and it was an adventure.  Of course after 2 hours of work, upon being finished, I was informed by Aaron that I carved them too early and that you're not supposed to carve them until a couple days before Halloween because they'll go bad.  Well what's the point in that?  I carved a white one for my centerpiece in the dining room, and then Aaron used his jigsaw to carve a monogram into a pumpkin for the porch.  I wanted to bake the pumpkin seeds, but can someone tell me how you're supposed to rinse pumkin seeds without losing them all?!  Half of them went right through my fingers and down the sink.  And  you can't use a colander because the stuff won't rinse down the holes.  So, I didn't end up with all that many seeds to bake.  Then, when putting the top back on the one outside after lighting a candle in it, we discovered that I didn't cut the top in at an angle, so it would just fall back in.  I didn't know!  (And obviously didn't think it through).  So, Aaron hokeyed it and put a nail in it to hold it up.  Now he says he likes it better that way.  Who knew carving pumpkins could be such an adventure...

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Oct 21, 2005  ( 1 post )  
Katharine Carr (katharine)
Jen and i are going to have a pumpkin carving party tonight!  also impressed by how nice your pumpkins turned out!
Oct 19, 2005  ( 6 posts )  
Matt Ward (mattward)
The fence looks really nice.  It's Nice to hear what's going on with you.
Monica Galvan (monica)
Dad's right, when your retired you should be a writer.  thanks for sharing, I absolutely love reading about what's going on.  And loovvee the center piece - so creative! Pumpkin with ribbon.
Christina Roper (croper)
In regards to the late-night stealth, Aaron just decided he really wanted to finish the project, so despite our hunger and weariness, we pushed on!  The neighbors must have thought we were crazy.  Yea, Jack has no idea what's coming.  But seeing as how he's currently on a long leash attached to a stake in the yard, he may actually enjoy this more, even if it is more limited space.  Of course, we're having to put wire on the inside of the fencing, so he won't damage that.  It's hard having a dog when you're both gone 9-10 hours a day.
Visitors are always welcome!
Tom Carr (penpaint)
Thanks for the great messages, and congratulations and best wishes to the expectant couples!
The upgraded house and yard sure look great! Looking forward to a visit to see it all in the finished state.
Richard Carr (richard)
Wow, I'm too impressed with how quickly the fence went up!  That's great the lawn will be saved.  Loved reading about the pumpkins.  You sure have a talent for making every day life interesting.  And having the photos sure adds to the story telling.
Robert Carr (robert)
I'm very impressed at how fast you got that new fence up.   Are you sure you put it up in the right yard since you were working in the dark?  Or were you trying to do this stealth, so Jack wouldn't know it was for him...   we are all wondering!
Oct 18, 2005  ( 1 post )  
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Wow, leftover wedding candles in a white pumpkin for indoors; aren't you creative!  It's near impossible to get all the strings off, but baking the seeds dries it out a lot as I remember when we did it.  Your new fence went up fast! I always did the jack-0-lanterns early too!