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7. 10/26/05 - Mr. Clean & Oatmeal Butterscotchies
Cards Extravaganza
On Saturday, I went to a card-making class at a local stamp/scrapbooking store with my mom, mom-in-law, and 2 friends.  It was my 2nd such class.  It's from 10 - 4, and you make 15 cards.  They provide all the supplies and feed you lunch, and it's a lot of fun.  I got good ideas for my christmas cards.  You can see all the cards we made in my photoblog here.
Aaron spent several hours battling a horrendously stubborn tree stump.  Since we have our new fence, we no longer needed the ugly bush that was previously providing some privacy.  But when Aaron went to dig it out, he discovered that it was not in fact a bush, but rather a tree that had been hacked off at the 3 ft. mark.  Would have been nice to know that when we got the 20+ other stumps ground out of the yard some months ago!  Instead, he was left alone to throw every tool possible at it to no avail.  So, he ended up hacking at it the old-fashioned way with a pick-ax, which is extremely exhausting and left him laying in the dirt several times to rest.  When I came home from my lovely day, Aaron had been at it for a few hours and was not in the best mood.  It still had hardly budged and he was ready to give up, but hated to have wasted his day.  Plus, it really needed to go!  I went in the house, and said a prayer, while he kept hacking.  Within 20 minutes, it was out.  What can I say....prayer works!  Then it was on to a quick shower for him, and over to his parents house for a family birthday party.  He was revived with lots of fried fish, fried potatoes, fried something else I can't remember, and hush puppies.
Pumpkins Update
Sadly, the pumpkins had to be tossed on Sat.  So, for those counting, that means they lasted 5 days.  They were both rotting, and the one outside was swarming with gnats.  Still, how sad...  But that's why we take pictures right?!
Mr. Clean
Last night we had Bible Study at our house, and to prepare Aaron (Mr. Clean) scrubbed the baseboard cracks with a toothbrush.  It was amazing.  They do look a lot better, but still...  He also scrubbed the kitchen counters with a toothbrush, but with our funky, bad choice for cleaning tile, that's actually a necessity.  Let's just say there's still grout stuck in places.  For my part, I actually baked, for all of maybe the 5th time since we got married.  (Does that make me a bad wife?)  He was thrilled to see me in the kitchen with my apron on.  I made raspberry chocolate brownies (from scratch) and Oatmeal Butterscotchies (from scratch).  They were both the recipes on the back of the chips that we bought.  Did you know they have raspberry chocolate chips now?  I'm sure some people were (hopefully pleasantly) surprised when they bit into the brownie.  And Aaron complained when he saw the oatmeal going into the cookies, but now can't stop talking about them.  :)

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Oct 31, 2005  ( 2 posts )  
Christina Roper (croper)
Oh, it's a boring apron.  Just a soft yellow one to match the kitchen.  Everything has to match in my world now.  That's what happens when you get your own house and all your own stuff.  Although, I do still have my kitty apron somewhere, my first sewing project ever that I made in 6th grade?  at MCS.
Monica Galvan (monica)
Okay, love the update.  I burst out laughing outloud in the library, about Mr. Clean.  Picturing the toothbrush and all.  Good times!  Whats your apron look like??
Oct 26, 2005  ( 2 posts )  
Richard Carr (richard)
Another great week writeup.  Not only are these chatblogs very interesting to read now, they will be priceless 20 years from now.  Not only to you and Aaron but to your children also!
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Praise God for answered prayer and fried fish!  Wow, I didn't know there were rasberry chocolate chips now!  I actually baked a chocolate cake from scratch for a birthday party here last night for Paula.  It was yum yum!  I love my new cards too; thanks for inviting me!  love, Mom