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Cloodo: A New Digital Workspace that Helps Businesses Improve their Efficiency and Productivity

Businesses looking to outsource their operations with a know-how team supported by a smart management tool can now rely on Cloodo. Cloodo is a digital workspace that assists accelerate business digital transformation by deploying advanced technologies to connect outsourcing resources to the operation. With the digital workspace, business can implement productivity OKR and Agile growth hacking to their operation. They can also develop and deploy any complex e-commerce applications within their systems.

With a variety of skills on the platform, those looking to scale a remote team can get all the skills they need: web design, mobile app development, virtual assistants, product manufacturing, and graphic design among others.


While introducing the new digital coworkspace, Cloodospokes person Vincent Ray had this to say: “Cloodo aims to help users manage their working real-time on any device, from any location regardless of whether the information is stored through cloud services, and keep the workflow moving effectively even in social distancing.”

Services that customers can get at Cloodo include: project management, scaling of the teams and partners, digital marketing services, custom technology solution, maintenance services, workflow by qualified expertise and software as a service.


For the users of the platform, all files and operating services are in one place. The digital workspace offers advanced productivity, flexibility, improved collaboration, reduced costs and better customer experience. Also, users are able to use the project management feature in controlling their work.


Ray insists that Cloodo will make daily tasks easier and enjoyable. “With the project management feature, users can lead their team, and motivate them to deliver the required results leading to the successful completion of their project,” he added.


As the CEO and founder of the platform, HuyNguyen emphasizes that Cloodo leverages on the vast experience of the team through giving its users effective project management solutions. With Cloodo, they are scaling on remote working capability, making co-working space a reality where mobile app developers, website designers, virtual assistants and others can find a home.


Nguyen says they have so far received great feedback from businesses and professional who have used the platform to manage their projects. “Cloodo is a place where I have found the skills that I was looking for in my project,” said one business owner. Nguyen adds that businesses can even select the required services, something that increases the chances of success.


“With Cloodo, businesses that are looking to outsource specific services but have not found the right skills or best prices can get all they need at our platform,” said Nguyen adding that they provide innovative project management solutions adopting which business can significantly improve their productivity.


Recent studies have shown that digital workspaces offered by tools such as Cloodo provide more engagement. A digital co-workspace allows greater productivity, self-starting and innovation. The difference between the Cloodo platform and others as explained by Ray is reduced clutter. With the platform, users are able to get what they need within a short time, which allows them to be more productive. With the project management feature, users now have all the tools required to accomplish a wide range of tasks.


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About Cloodo


Cloodo is a digital workspace that helps accelerate business digital transformation through their use of advanced technologies to connect outsourcing resources to the operation and uncover breakthrough business insights. Cloodo aims at helping customers accelerate digital transformation efforts during times of certainty by minimal steps at one platform only.


Media contact info:

Vincent Ray

Phone Number: (+84) 868 901 261



Address: Suite 206, 651 N Broad St, MiddleTown, NewsCattle, Delaware, US


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