Manish Software: Recently Launched Pay On Delivery Services For Android And IOS App Development..

August, 2021 ––An app development company recently launched a rather new and radical pay-on delivery services for startups and businesses that will enable them to have their own personalized apps without over burdening their budget.


Manish Software™ designs and deploys state-of-the-art apps for the web, Android, and iOS. Leveraging the best tech tools available such as Flutter, Firebase, Google Cloud, GitHub, and more, clients can now enjoy a fully scalable in-house software development setup.


As a startup struggling to get your new ideas out on the market, Manish Software’s pay on delivery approach opens a lot of opportunities for everyone. A lot of new businesses and startups are having a hard time having a custom enterprise app developed for their businesses because of the price. Manish Software has changed all these and you will never have to pay a single penny until you’re 100% satisfied!


“We take care of the entire mobile app development process for you so you can focus on what you do best in your business,” Manish Gupta said, Founder and CEO of Manish Software.


“Our skilled team consists of app designers and developers who fully understand what it takes to build customized apps - from A to Z. We’re ready to design, develop, launch, and maintain the elegant mobile app you’ve been waiting for your company,” Gupta added.


With their unique pay-on-delivery services, you do not need to pay anything for app development costs until you’re fully satisfied with what they delivered. This works by breaking down your personal app requirements and needs into specific functionalities. Only then will they start to design, develop, and deliver on a milestone basis. Clients will only be charged once when they deliver on each milestone. They provide affordable pricing options that work for all budgets with zero upfront payments.




Manish Software designs and deploys some of the most powerful and truly one-of-kind apps for the web, Android and iOS. We leverage the best technology tools available (including Flutter, Firebase, GitHub, and more) to build premium apps that help businesses earn more leads, sales, and profits.




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