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Prom Night Checklist


Prom Night Checklist

  1. A mirrored compact
  2. Bobby pins
  3. Safety Pins
  4. Band-Aids - those killer heels may cause blisters
  5. Breath mints or Gum
  6. Stain wipes - in case your dinner ends up on your lap
  7. Nail File
  8. Camera - you've gotta get pics of your friends lookin' fabulous!
  9. Kleenex
  10. Concealer stick - you never know when that recurring zit on your forehead will decide to show up.
  11. Lip gloss
  12. Extra cash
  13. Cotton swabs - great makeup fixer if anything gets smeared or smudged.
  14. Advil or another type of pain reliever
  15. Your cell phone                
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