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 List of Flower Names
List of Flower Names

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Common name

Botanical name
Flower Meaning
african corn lily ixia
african lily agapanthus

Secret Love, Love Letters.

alpine thistle eryngium
amaryllis hippeastrum

Pride, Timidity, Splendid   Beauty

amazon lily eucharis
arum zantedeschia
baby's breath gypsophila

Innocence, Pure Heart

balloon flower platycodon
barberton daisy gerbera
bee balm monarda
bell flower campanula
bells of Ireland moluccella

Good Luck

bergamot monarda
bird of paradise strelizia
bloom chrysanthemum
blue throatwort trachelium
bottlebrush banksia
brodiaea triteleia (syn)
broom genista
calla lily zantedeschia

Magnificent Beauty

canterbury bells campanula
carnation dianthus

General - Fascination,   Devoted Love
Red - Heartache, Admiration
Pink - I'll never forget you,   Woman's Love
White - Pure and Ardent   Love, Innocence
Yellow - Disappointment,   Rejection, Disdain

china aster callistephus
chincerinchee ornithogalum
chinese bellflower platycodon
christmas rose hellebore





General - Cheerfulness,   Rest, Wonderful Friendship,   Abundance and Wealth
Red - Love
White - Truth
Yellow - Slighted Love

cockscomb celosia
columbine aquilegia
coneflower rudbeckia, echinacea
cornflower centaurea
corsage orchid cattleya
cosmos cosmea (syn)
cuban lily scilla
daffodil narcissus

Regard, Respect, Formality,   You're the only one,   Unrequited Love


An Open Heart, Flights of   Fancy, Ardent Attachment

dill anethum
drumstick craspedia
eucharis lily

Maiden Charms

eustoma lisianthus (syn)
evening primrose oenothera
false goat's beard, false spirea astilbe


feverfew tanacetum parthenium
flame lily gloriosa
flame tip leucadendron
flamingo flower anthurium
florist's nighmare ornithogalum
floss flower ageratum
flowering cherry prunus
flowering onion allium
forget-me-not myosotis
foxglove digitalis
foxtail lily eremurus



Innocence, Trust, Friendship

gay feather liatris
gentian gentiana
gillyflower matthiola
ginger alpinia
globe amarath gomphrena
globe artichoke cynara
globe flower trollius
globe thistle echinops
glory lily gloriosa
golden rod solidago


golden shower orchid oncidium
goosefoot chenpodium
grape hyacinth muscari
guelder rose viburnum opulus
guernsey lily nerine
holly berry

Defense, Foresight,   Domestic Happiness

hyacinth hyacinthus

Sport, Play, Constancy



Thank you for understanding,   Boastfulness


Fleur de Lys - Emblem of   France. Wisdom, Faith,   Valour, Promise

jersey lily alstroemeria
kangaroo paw anigozanthos
kansas feather liatris
lady's mantle alchemilla
lady's slipper orchid paphiopedilum
lantana camera
larkspur delphinium consolida


lavender lavandula
lilac syringa

Youthful Humility,
  First Affection of Love,
  First Emotion of Life, 
  Purity, Modesty

lily lilium

Pride, Purity, Flirting

lily of the valley convallaria

Sweetness, Humility, Return   of Happiness, Tears of the   Virgin Mary

lisianthus eustoma
lobster claw heliconia
loose strife lysimachia
love lies bleeding amaranthus


love-in-a-mist nigella
lupin lupinus
marguerite chrysanthemum frutescens
marigold calendula
masterwort astrantia
michaelmas daisy aster
mimosa acacia

Friendship, Secret Love,   Beauty in Retirement

monkshood aconitum

Beware, Chivalry

montbretia crocosmia
moth orchid phalenopsis
mum chrysanthemum
obedient plant physostegia



Ecstasy, Love, Beauty,   Refinement

ox-eye daisy leucanthemum vulgare aka chrysanthemum leucanthemum
painter's palette anthurium
peony paeonia

Bashfulness, Compassion,   Happy Marriage, Prosperity

peruvian lily alstroemeria

Devotion, Wealth,   Prosperity, Fortune.

pincushion protea leucospermum
plumed thistle cirsium

Eternal Sleep, Consolation,   Pleasure, Wealth, Success,   Imagination

prairie gentian lisianthus
prince of Wales feather amaranthus
queen Anne's lace ammi


queen Fabiola lily triteleia (syn brodiaea)

Radiant, Charming

red-hot poker kniphofia
rose rosa

General - Love
White - Charm, Innocence, Purity, Secrecy
Pink - Grace, Gladness,   Thankfulness, Joy, Perfect   Happiness, Admiration
Yellow - Joy, Friendship
Red - Love, I Love You,   Passion, Desire,
   Courage, Respect
Orange - Fascination, Passion
Peach - Enthusiasm, Desire

safari sunset leucadendron
safflower carthamus
scabious scabiosa
scarlet plume euphorbia fulgens
scorpion orchid aranthera
sea holly eryngium
sea lavender limonium
september flower aster

Innocence, Loyal Love, Daintiness, Gentleness, Purity, Variety.

singapore orchid dendrobium

Refinement, Beautiful Lady

slipper orchid paphiopedilum
snake head chelone
snapdragon antirrhinum

Deception, Gracious Lady, Strength, Presumption

sneezeweed helenium
snow berry symphoricarpos
snow on the mountain eurphorbia marginata
speedwell veronica
spider orchid arachnis
spray carnation dianthus
spurge euphorbia
st john's wort hypericum
star of bethlehem ornithogalum


statice limonium
stock matthiola

Lasting Beauty, Bond of Affection, Promptness

stonecrop sedum
sugarbush protea
sunflower helianthus

Adoration, Pride

sweet pea lathyrus

Lasting and Blissful Pleasure, Departure, Goodbye

sweet sultan centaurea
sweet William dianthus barbatus


sword lily gladiolus

Strength of Character, Generosity, Sincerity

tansy tanacetum
tazetta narcissus
thistle eryngium
tjenkenrientjee ornithogalum
transvaal daisy gerbera
tuberose polianthes tuberosa
Dangerous Pleasure
tulip tulipa
General - Love and Passion,   Perfect Lover, Fame, Luck
Red - Believe Me,  Declaration of Love
Variegated - Beautiful Eyes
Yellow - Hopeless Love
Violet - Modesty
turban buttercup, French buttercup, Persian buttercup ranunculus
turtle head chelone
ulster mary alstroemeria
waxflower chamaelaucium


windflower anemone

Forsaken, Sincerity, Expectations.

wormwood artemesia
yarrow achillea


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