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Things To Do at a Slumber Party

Things To Do at a Slumber Party

  1. Mummy:  Need rolls of toilet paper, one per person. You can form teams to see who is the fastest dressing their   mummy (other person) or just let     them have fun. This can be very messy with the dust from the toilet paper and the paper fight afterwards.
  2. Picky Marshmallow Relay:  Need toothpicks, one per child and one marshmallow per team. The marshmallow is placed on the end of the first persons toothpick. They hold the toothpick in their mouth and try to pass it to the next person in line using only the toothpicks in their mouths.
  3. Clothes Pin 7-Ups:  7 clothes pins per person. Clip clothes pins on the backs of all players and have them face each other in a circle (outside). At the mention of "GO" they each run around trying to get the clothes pins off each others backs. No grabbing and holding on to the other persons.
  4. Talent Show:  Video the kids performing to music. Lip sync is fun or air guitar/sax etc.
  5. Nighttime Easter Egg Hunt:  Hide eggs and prizes outside.  Everyone brings a flashlight to the party.  Hide items like fingernail polish, body mists, not just candy.
  6. Piggly-Wiggly:  Everyone lays out their sleeping bags.  Choose someone to be "it."  They must leave the room.  Everyone else hides inside the sleeping bags (not their own).  When they are ready, "it" comes back in.  She sits on one of the sleeping bags and says, "Piggly-Wiggly"  the person inside says "oink, oink."  'It' must guess who is inside the bag.  If they are right, the person in the bag is it.
  7. Rock and Roll:  When your having a slumber party and going to a roller-skating rink is out of the question, make a skating rink in the garage. Parents can back out their cars and take out other stuff in the way so there is room to skate. You can also have music and a snack bar!
  8. Hip hats:  Decorate denim hats with jewels and sparkle puff paints and wear them around the next day.
  9. Puffy pillows:  Decorate plain white pillowcases with puffy paint. Let them dry overnight.
  10. Popcorn Toppin':  Pop some plain popcorn. Give everybody a couple of dishes with popcorn in them. Have your guests put on all the toppings you want.  For example, cinnamon and sugar, raisins, melted butter, pizza seasoning, and parmesan cheese to make a pizza kind o' popcorn.
  11. Curly-Cute:  Make rag curls in your friends' hair. Take pieces of fabric and wrap hair around them. When you wake up you hair will be all curly.
  12. We Had A Ball:  At the end of the slumber party, sit in a circle and sign beach balls with a waterproof marker. Write all about the good times you had together at the sleepover.
  13. Burglar Alarm:  Set a little timer and have everyone go out of the room. One person stays in and hides the timer. Then the other children come back in and try to find the timer before it goes off. Whoever finds it might get some kind of prize.
  14. Set up a craft table to make bracelets.
  15. Have a pajamas contest!  See who has the best pajamas!
  16. Watch some fun movies.
  17. Pillow fights.
  18. Make smores!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Serve whipped cream and fruit on waffles in the morning.
  20. See if you can borrow a kareoke machine so you can sing along to music.
  21. Do makeovers!
  22. Make rice krispie treats.
  23. Make your own sundae!
  24. Popcorn fights, if you have a vacuum handy.
  25. Decorate some cutie pie cupcakes.
  26. Play boardgames.
  27. Decorate pillowcases with fabric markers...this way they can use them that night.  Put on date, etc.
  28. Shaving cream fight out side.
  29. Play telephone.
  30. Have a talent show!
  31. Wacky fashion show!
  32. Have a "theme" for the slumber party such as spa slumber party (perfect for all girls), spooky slumber party, survival slumber party, etc.
  33. Do pedicures.
  34. Think of unusual places to sleep: the attic, a tree house, a tent outside in your back yard.
  35. Scavenger hunts.
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Gloria Taylor (mmiafaithtaylor07)
I ,love these ideas haaa(:
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