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Things To Do After Prom

Prom Fun
Things To Do After High School Prom

Now that you've got your prom dresses, prom hairstyles and prom theme all out of the way, and you're going to be at the prom, it's time to make sure you have fun after the prom ends.  After a high school prom dance the goal is to have let loose a bit!  That's what proms are all about.
  1. Go glow bowling on your prom night.
  2. Go to a lighted sports complex and play games.
  3. Have a night pool party after the prom.
  4. Enjoy riding around in a limo. (Hey, when is the next time you'll get to ride in a limo??)
  5. Go to the beach and have bonfires.
  6. Go out to breakfast.
  7. Have a house party after the prom.
  8. Rent a cabin on a lake for the weekend.
  9. Go to a club and keep on dancing!
  10. Go to an amusement park the next day.
  11. Relax and watch movies till dawn.
  12. Play capture the flag in the dark - what a way to end the prom night!
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