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List of Things To Do With Your Children

List of Things To Do With Your Children

  1. Build a fort.
  2. Play hide and go seek.
  3. Silly clothes relay race. 
  4. Nature scavenger hunt. Make a list of things to find in nature such as a pine cone, bug, leaf etc. Duplicate the list for as many players you have or one for every two people if you want to send out teams. Set a time limit and the winner is the first team back with all the objects or the team with the most objects at the end of time limit.
  5. Play ping pong.  If you don't have a ping pong table, just use an old table. 
  6. Paint a flower pot.
  7. Make and eat smiley face pancakes.
  8. Write secret messages using a Q-tip dipped in lemon juice. Hold the paper over heat such as a light bulb or toaster to make the writing appear.
  9. Go to a water park.
  10. Pray with them.
  11. Read them a story.
  12. Create plays together and video them.
  13. Play dress up.
  14. Go for a walk.
  15. Finger paint.
  16. Draw a mural with sidewalk chalk in front of your house.
  17. Put on music and dance.
  18. Go for a picnic.
  19. Plant flowers or a garden together.
  20. Have a lemonade stand.
  21. Fly a kite.
  22. Play a sport.
  23. Play board games.
  24. Do a jigsaw puzzle.
  25. Go rock climbing.
  26. Go bike riding.
  27. Play hockey on roller skates.  (Use brooms if you don't have hockey sticks).
  28. Give them piggy back rides.
  29. Make cookies with fun cookie cutters. Then decorate with crazy frosting and sprinkles.
  30. Go camping.
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