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Fun Things To Do at a Dinner Party

Fun Things To Do at a Dinner Party

  1. Dinner party wine tasting.
  2. Use nice, new China.
  3. Have a progressive dinner party. Start at one person’s house for appetizers, then move somewhere else for dinner, then somewhere else for dessert. Might take some planning and driving, but it’s fun for a different take on a dinner party.
  4. Have a white elephant gift exchange.
  5. Light candles all throughout the dining room, kitchen, and hallways.
  6. Learn to fold the dinner napkins in a new, creative way. 
  7. Cook the dinner all together. 
  8. Have everyone bring a vegetable or spice to put in a boiling pot of water and a soup is created!
  9. Have a themed party! 
  10. Something that will bring the party to life is a murder dinner party experience. Full of mystery and intrigue your guests will love this!
  11. Have a game night with dessert afterwards.
  12. Set up an espresso bar.
  13. Dress up in your formal wear.
  14. Have a chocolate fondue fountain and enjoy rich chocolate in a fun way with marshmallows, graham crackers, cookies, wafers, fruit, and whatever else you can think of!
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