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Sweet Things To Do for Your Girlfriend

Sweet Things To Do for Your Girlfriend
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  1. Surprise her!
  2. Always hold your girlfriend around her hips/sides.
  3. Give her back rubs.
  4. Brush her hair out of her face for her.
  5. Buy gifts for her.
  6. Buy your girlfriend a ring.
  7. Call from your vacation spot to tell her you were thinking about her.
  8. Dedicate songs to her on the radio.
  9. Do cute things like write I love you in a note so that she has to look in a mirror to read it.
  10. Even if you are really busy doing something, go out of your way to call her and say I love you.
  11. Fall asleep on the phone with her.
  12. Find out her favorite cologne and wear it every time you're together.
  13. French kiss.
  14. Give random gifts of flowers/candy/poetry etc.
  15. Hang out with your girlfriend's friends.
  16. Hold her hand, stare into her eyes, kiss her hand and then put it over your heart.
  17. Learn from her and don't make the same mistake twice.
  18. Let your girlfriend sit on your lap.
  19. Look into your girlfriend's eyes.
  20. Make sacrifices for her.
  21. Never forget the kiss goodnight. And always remember to say, "Sweet dreams."
  22. Put your hands in her back pocket!
  23. Put love notes in her pockets when she isn't looking.
  24. Roses.
  25. Say I love you, only when you mean it and make sure she knows you mean it.
  26. Stand up for her when someone talks trash.
  27. Very lightly push up her chin, look into her eyes, tell her you love her, and kiss her lightly.
  28. Whisper to her.
  29. Make her feel extra special on her birthday.
  30. Laugh with her.
  31. Bring your girlfriend favorite coffee drink to her work. 
  32. Make her a yummy snack.
  33. Cook her dinner by candlelight. 
  34. Take her out for a day of fun! (To an amusement park, zoo, etc.)
  35. Spend time getting to know her family.
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1:01 pm
Ilir Fazliu (ilirfazliu)

I do all those things to my darling :) . Does it mean I am a good lover :O ? lol :D

Jun 14, 2012  ( 1 comment )  
10:20 pm
Mario Cayena (mariocayena)

About say I love you, I do that everyday, but now I made a song for her with her favourite poems (and the help of the guys of cancionespararegalar.com) with a background of classic music. It was very emotional for the two of us and something different to the flowers and chocolates.

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