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Sweet Things To Do for Guys

Sweet Things To Do for Guys

  1. Leave little love notes or piles of candy when you visit each other. Stash them away where he will be sure to find them, whether in his car, under his pillow, or in a bag.
  2. Leave a cute message on his voicemail.
  3. Get old-fashioned and send a letter or a card through the mail. After all, who doesnt love getting mail as a surprise?
  4. When you are getting together for an evening or even for just a few minutes, pick up his or her favorite treat or snack, a specialty coffee or dessert as a sweet surprise.
  5. Surprise your sweetheart with a movie you pick out that you know he would really enjoy.
  6. When you spend time together, help each other out with chores to free up more time to spend together. Sometimes lending a hand can even be fun when you are both working together.
  7. Gently scratch his back to help him relax.
  8. Give him a back rub when he's had a bad day.
  9. Pick wildflowers or give a single rose or carnation for no reason.
  10. Do something you may not want to, simply because it is important to him. This can be anything from attending a show or an event to doing a chore, giving up a bad habit or just trying something new. Find out what is important to him if you dont already know, and make it happen.
  11. Spend time with his family.
  12. Spend extra time getting ready. Dress up or wear something that you know he loves to see on you.
  13. Play romantic music and dance together. Slowly dancing around the room to a favorite song can mean so much more when it is completely unexpected.
  14. Take him on a picnic! Gather your favorite foods, drinks and desserts, a comfortable blanket and some utensils, plates, cups and napkins and head out for the park on a beautiful day. Go for a walk in the park while you are there and enjoy all of the nature around you.
  15. Send him romantic ecards.
  16. Leave him romantic notes in his back pockets when he's not looking.
  17. Buy him the latest CD of his favorite band, and inside the CD give him tickets to their next concert!
  18. Buy him tickets to his favorite sports team, and get decked out in the team's gear then cheer as loud as you can. 
  19. Let him have a night with the boys.   
  20. Cook his favorite meal. 
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