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New House Checklist


New House Checklist
Go through this list before your final walk through.

  1. Does the ground around the foundation slope away from the house?
  2. Does water accumulate in puddles?
  3. Are there signs of erosion?
  4. Is the shrubbery placed at least 2-3 feet from the foundation?
  1. Are all windows and doors sealed, and protected by weather stripping?
  2. Are trim and fittings tight?
  3. Does the paint cover smoothly?
  4. Are there any cracks in excess of 1/4 inch wide or showing vertical displacement in walkways, driveway and/or on the garage floor?
  5. Are there any stoops and/or steps pulling away?
  6. Do gutters, downspouts and splash-blocks drain away from the foundation?
Doors and Windows
  1. Are all doors and windows properly sealed?
  2. Are they the type specified in the contract?
  3. Is glass in place, and not loose or cracked?
  4. Do window and door locks fit properly?
  1. Is painting & wallpaper satisfactory in all rooms, closets and hallways?
  2. Is trim & molding in place?
  3. Are the tile walls properly finished?
  1. Do carpet seams match? Is the carpet tight?
  2. Are there excessive floor squeaks?
  3. Are there any gaps in vinyl or linoleum?
  4. Are the tile & wood floors properly finished?
Kitchen & Bath
  1. Do appliances operate, and are they the right color?
  2. Are cabinet doors flush and shelves level?
  3. Do all faucets and other plumbing fixtures work properly?
Basement & Attic / Extras
  1. Are there any indications of leaks?
  2. Are there any cracks in the foundation walls or floors?
  3. Does heating, cooling and water-heating units work properly?
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