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Proper Adjectives
Proper Adjectives
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In general, an adjective is a proper adjective if its meaning is "pertaining to X", where X is some specific person, place, language, or organized group.

Proper adjectives are adjectives derived from proper nouns. In English, proper adjectives must begin with a capital letter. The proper adjectives in the following sentences are underlined.

The French town has an interesting history.
Many of my friends are American.
This house is a fine example of Victorian architecture.
The derivation of proper adjectives from proper nouns is somewhat irregular. For instance, the spelling of the following proper nouns and proper adjectives can be compared.

Proper Noun Proper Adjective
  America   American
  Canada   Canadian
  Germany   German
  Mexico   Mexican
  George   Georgian
  Victoria   Victorian

Many proper adjectives end with an or ian. However, other endings are also used, as indicated below.

Proper Noun Proper Adjective
  England   English
  France   French
  China   Chinese

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