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Things To Do in Aruba
Things to do in Aruba
Top 10 To Do: 
  1. Arikok National Park: It is an area of unique scenic beauty, flora and fauna, geological formations and cultural resources. It has many walking trails that are well kept and open to the public for exploring. Some tour companies offer guided tours through this massive protected area that is teeming with unusual plants and wildlife.
  2. Hadicurari Beach: It is located near the northwestern tip of Aruba and is known for terrific snorkeling.
  3. Guadirikiri Cave: It is famous for its two chambers where sunlight shines through and is the perfect backdrop for unique pictures. Be adventurous and dare to go down the 100 foot long tunnel, home of hundreds of harmless bats. Although its exact history is not known with any certainty, caves like this one are said to have been the hiding places of pirates!
  4. Bushiribana: On the northern coast lie the abandoned gold mines that were the center of Aruba's gold rush during the nineteenth century. In 1824, gold was finally discovered in Aruba, and eventually, the industry produced more than 3 million pounds of gold.
  5. Historical Museum: The Archaeological Museum Aruba investigates, documents and preserves the archaeological artifacts and sites of Aruba and informs the local and international public about the Amerindian cultural heritage of Aruba.
  6. Natural Pool: Also called "Cura di Tortuga" is a secret, hidden pool on the windward coast surrounded by rocks and is a perfect getaway for a moment of total relaxation. Diving from the rock cliffs into the protected pool of ocean seawater is the main reason why so many venture here off the beaten path.
  7. Ayo Rock Formations: It's often been described as the cartoon town of "Bedrock" seen in the animated TV show "The Flintstones." The stone formations at Ayo were once the dwelling place of an ancient race of people that left petroglyph markings on the stone boulders. The area is surrounded with huge stones that look as if they had been stacked on top of each other by giants.
  8. "Rococo Plaza" Museum of Antiquities:
    Louis XV Antiques & Curiosities can be found inside a complex built with antique building materials from the 17th century. The roof and the onion shaped towers in red copper house 23 showrooms of unusual items from Aruba and South America.
  9. Chapel of Alto Vista: This picturesque first chapel of Aruba, exudes tranquility on its dramatic setting above the sea. The chapel was built by the Indians and Spanish and is often referred to as the Pilgrim's Church.
  10. San Nicholas: The second largest city in Aruba, San Nicolas is a modern development that rose with the island's oil boom. The area has a typical British Caribbean heritage. For years, one of the main reasons that visitors have found their way to this end of the island was to drop in at Charlie's Bar.
Top 5 Things To See: 
  1. Bird Sanctuary: A water treatment facility empties into two lakes, known as the large and small Bubali Bird Ponds. It is surrounded by a generous helping of lush vegetation and the area has become a resting and breeding area for more than 80 species of migratory birds.
  2. Butterfly Farm: Step into a tropical garden teeming with butterflies from around the globe and prepare to meet some of the world's most colorful and unusual creatures.
  3. California Lighthouse: Perched on a high seaside elevation, the lighthouse has become one of Aruba's scenic trademarks and offers a picture perfect view of the island's western coastline of sandy beaches.
  4. The Fontein Cave: Iis the most popular of the caves as it is the only one that has the drawings of Arawak Indians on the ceilings, providing a real sense of island history to this cave.
  5. The Church of Noord: The carved oak retable in the Church of Noord is a fine example of neo-Gothic sculpture. It was created in 1870 by Hendrik van der Geld. The retable, the communion rail and pulpit won a prize at the first Vatican Council held in Rome in 1870. This site is well worth visiting whilst traveling around the island.
Best Time of Year to Visit:  Aruba enjoys a very healthy climate, making it a year-round paradise for residents and visitors alike. The average temperature is 82ºF (28ºC), with cooling trade winds and the rarity of tropical storms and hurricanes. Aruba lies outside the hurricane belt therefore the rainfall is very moderate, averaging about 16.1" (408.9 mm) per year.
5 Things to Do With Kids:
  1. De Palm Island: It's the "hot spot" for snorkeling and scuba diving in Aruba. Abundant with spectacular coral formations and colorful blue Parrot Fish that are a thrill for young and old alike. Hammocks, food and beverage facilities, fun games, a playground for the small ones, snorkeling (including equipment) are all available.
  2. Ostrich Farm: Get up a close and personal  with an ostrich! The Aruba Ostrich Farm invites you to come and meet these unique birds and learn more about their behavior, natural instincts and more.
  3. Wildlife: Aruba's dry, desert-like rocky terrain is an ideal home to many four-legged animals, most notably, the mountain goat. They are usually found near the rock formation of Ayo. While driving the countryside, you will come across wild donkeys and many green lizards, such as iguanas.
  4. Baby Beach: It got its name because the calm and shallow waters make it ideal for children and/or inexperienced swimmers. Snorkelers will enjoy gorgeous coral heads in the channel.
  5. Rancho Del Campo: A horse ranch that organizes different trails through the untamed countryside of the Arikok National Park. The horses will bring you to Aruba's famous spots the "Natural Bridge" and the "Natural Pool."
5 Great Evening Entertainment Options:
  1. Red Sail Sports: Catch a beautiful sunset and dine under the stars. Enjoy a three-course candlelight dinner catered by talented resort chefs. Includes premium wine and open bar.
  2. Copa Cabana Casino Bar: Join in one of Aruba's best nightly parties, featuring live music, hand rolled cigars and exotic drinks.
  3. El Gaucho: It is located in an old townhouse where the professional and friendly staff will pamper you while enjoying the finest Argentine meats and their strolling guitarist duo, Carlos and Baltazar, entertain nightly with romantic tangos and boleros.
  4. Jolly Pirate's Sunset Sail: Something magical happens when the island tradewinds snap our sails to life. Open bar and rope swing!
  5. Kukoo Kunuku: Hop aboard the and shake your maracas to the beat of Caribbean music on the way to a Champagne toast. Then you'll be off to dine at Laguna Pier, a romantic seaside location. Here you will be served a typical local meal under the stars.  After dinner it's to the favorite pubs and "watering holes". Along the way, you will learn the island rhythms, catch the island spirit and have a whirlwind of foot stompin' FUN!
5 Great Restaurants:
  1. Aqua Grill: As the premier seafood restaurant on the island, Aqua Grill boasts a menu of fresh seafood flown in daily from around the world, as well as a selection of non-seafood dishes.
  2. Iguana Joe's: For eight years running, it has been Aruba's most popular and critically acclaimed Caribbean restaurant. Besides all the great food Joe's bar is the home of the legendary, deliciously smooth and refreshing Pink Iguana. But be wary of Joe's potent potions that contain up to four shots of liquor and are served in half-liter carafes!
  3. Le Dôme Restaurant: Is enchanting! This Belgian-French restaurant is renowned not only for its fine cuisine but also for its distinctive and elegant style. Since the opening it has proven to be one of the most popular restaurants with locals and tourists alike and offers guests a truly charming ambiance.
  4. Brisas del Mar: For more than 20 Years we are known to serve the best fresh seafood prepared the local way. Come and try our specialties. You sit on an open patio overlooking the ocean in a casual and cozy atmosphere.
  5. Papiamento: Dine in the beautiful tropical garden, which is full of enormous trees and exotic plants decorated with beautiful lights, creating a unique and relaxing atmosphere. Or dine inside, in one of the several elegant furnished rooms, with rare Dutch-style antiques.
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Aruba lies outside the hurricane belt therefore the rainfall is very moderate, averaging about 16.1" (408.9 mm) per year. So what are you waiting for? Book your Caribbean all-inclusive vacation today!

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