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Wedding Shower & Bridal Shower Checklist
Wedding Shower & Bridal Shower Checklist

One to two months before the party:

   ___Set the date of the bridal shower
   ___Decide on the location
   ___Create guest list (determine size of the party)
   ___Set the party theme
   ___Decide on the type of shower
   ___Plan your activities
   ___Plan your menu
   ___Select your party supplies

Three to four weeks before the party:

   ___Send your invitations (include directions)
   ___Order cake
   ___Order flowers or balloon bouquets (if applicable)
   ___Purchase the party favors and game prizes
   ___Finalize your menu

One week before the party:

   ___Order or gather together the chairs, tables, dishes, utensils, etc…
   ___Make a final guest count. Make phone calls if necessary at this point
   ___Place orders for food if needed
   ___Confirm reservations (if applicable)
   ___Buy film for camera
   ___Confirm your gathering place is adequately prepared
   ___Buy and wrap your gift for the bride-to-be

The day before the party:

   ___Gift wrap any party favors, game prizes
   ___Review the games/activities
   ___Begin decorating
   ___Pick up the cake
   ___Purchase beverages/ice
   ___Make street signs if necessary
   ___Set up tables, chairs, buffet table, etc..

The Big Day:

   ___Set out party favors on tables or on separate table
   ___Finish any last decorations
   ___Set out beverages, ice, glasses
   ___Keep a bridal shower journal nearby to write down the gifts received
   ___Keep a trash bag nearby the opening of the gifts to reduce wrapping paper mess
   ___Pick up balloons 
   ___Set up the food on the buffet table
   ___Have a plan on how you will run the party
   ___Greet guests at the door with a smile
   ___Have fun as you have done everything to prepare a perfect party for the bride-to-be!

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