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What is Equipped 2 Disciple?

What is Equipped 2 Disciple?


Short Video Descriptions

(each video is about 2 minutes long)


Overview of 2:7  LINK


Quiet Time and Journaling  LINK


Testimony and Bridge Illustration  LINK


Scripture Memory  LINK  


Church implementation & Management   LINK




Equipped 2 Disciple is a six-course training series (11 weeks each) designed to help root, deepen and strengthen followers of Christ through a practical approach to discipleship in the context of personal time with God and small group interaction. The primary objectives are to take life changing steps toward a (1) closer, more intimate relationship with God by learning, practicing and becoming consistent in the basics and (2) becoming skilled at helping others become and grow as followers of Jesus (Matthew 28:19-20).


E2D 1 introduces you to the basic disciplines that transform your walk with Christ, provide you with a keener sense of priorities and a renewed concern for your non-Christian friends.


E2D 2 takes the roots established in the first class deeper into the fertile soil of a growing relationship with God. You will experience transformation and victory as you consistently practice the basics and grow in the areas of God’s Word, prayer, fellowship and sharing your faith. Graduation from E2D 1 is a pre-requisite to attending E2D 2


E2D 3 equips you to branch out and impact your world as you continue to grow in character and skill through the practice of the disciplines of fruitful living. Intimacy with God will form in you a strong desire for a lifelong commitment of knowing Christ and making Christ known. Graduation from E2D 2 is a pre-requisite to attending E2D 3.






E2D 6



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