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Visiting Jesus' Sermon on the Mount's Shares (account name: sermonm)



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Keep asking God to help you DO the applications daily.


For each session memorize word perfect it's  application.  Memorize ONLY what is in bold.  Learn the bullets enough to say them somewhat accurately


Memorize ONLY what is in bold: 



WORK HARD to enter heaven

  • It's difficult
  • Because ONLY a few enter heaven
  • Rest enter hell

Matthew 7:13-14


HOW TO enter heaven


(1b) #1

KEEP BELIEVING only the Good News

  • Confirm everything with the Bible 
  • Don't be deceived and add to the Good News

Matthew 7:15-20


(2) #2

SERVE ONLY Jesus as master,

  • Calling him master is not enough
  • Don't be surprised

Matthew 7:21-23


(3) #3

OBEY ALL of Jesus' teachings,

  • Learning is not enough

Matthew 7:24-27



Matthew 5:1


(5) TEACH MORE people Jesus' teachings

Matthew 5:2


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