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Visiting Richard Carr's Shares (account name: richard)
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Lesson 01 - Introduction

Lesson 1 - Introduction to studying the Bible

1) Overview
  1. Share one thing you are thankful for and one thing that is stressing you out
  2. I will facilitate but not teach because all of you will be studying these passages by yourself and we will all learn from one another
  3. Review how to look up a reference in the Bible (table of contents, chapter number and verse number)
  4. Give Composition book and draw 3 columns on pages 4 & 5
2) Study 2 Timothy 3.16-17
  1. In first column write the 2 Timothy 3.16-17 passage word for word
  2. In the second column put 2 Timothy 3.16-17 in your own words
3) Study John 8.31-32
  1. In first column write the John 8.31-32 passage word for word
  2. In first column write John 8.34 passage word for word
    1. John 8.34 is part of the context of John 8.31-32. 
    2. Always look at the context of the passage you're studying
  3. In first column write Romans 6.22 passage word for word
    1. Romans 6.22 is a cross reference to help explain what John 8.31-32 means
    2. Always use cross references (other Bible passages) to help understand a Bible passage
  4. In the second column only put John 8.31-32 (and not the cross references) in your own words. 
4) Obey and Share God's word
  1. OBEY: Knowledge of God’s Word must translate into obedience or it is wasted.  Ask “Since we believe God’s Word is true, what must we change in our lives to obey God?” Look at each part of the passage. Ask God to reveal things you need to add to your life, take away from your life, or change in your life to obey this passage.  Be specific.  
  2. WRITE DOWN: at least one "I will" (how you will obey God) in the third column
  3. SHARE: Identify someone who this week needs to hear what God said to the group and write down their name.
  4. Hand out the lesson for next week.  It is short so that everyone will have an easy one to start with.
5) Is there some people in need?
  1. Identify people they know who are in need.  
  2. Ask the group to identify ways to meet those needs in the next week.


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