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02d - Welcome to Baby's Nursery

Welcome to Baby's Nursery
Aaron made the quilt hanger.  It matches the rosettes that are around the windows and doors.  Cheryl sewed the ribbon onto the quilt.
The monkey hanging off the crib is one of Aaron's old stuffed animals.
We got the crib from a couple at our church.
We got the changing table/dresser from a couple in our Bible study.
Can you guess what that is under the window?
It's our file cabinet.  Under a nifty cover that Cheryl made.
She also helped me make the little pillow and the lamp shade.  I still need to find a lamp though.  :)
She also helped me make the hanging cover for the bookshelf, to hide some of my non0baby books. 
Mom got us the rocking chair Aaron wanted online from Cracker Barrell.  It's so pretty!
The curtains were the biggest project for Cheryl and I.  But they turned out so so cute.  They were custom-made (no pattern) from a dust ruffle and some extra fabric.  I love the bows.
Aaron worked really hard on all the painting, wainscoting, and new window and door mouldings.  And even though I got impatient, and it took awhile, it turned out beautiful and I love it. 

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Marie Carr (nanarie)
Yes, all we need now is the BABY!
Mar 16, 2008  ( 1 comment )  
Katharine Carr (katharine)
I like how the cololrs contrast with the wainscotting
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