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Watch Memphis Grow - Years 1 & 2

Watch Memphis Grow - Years 1 & 2

4/12/10 - 2 YEARS OLD

Memphis is starting to string some words together now, and has a few 2 or 3 word sentences that he says regularly.  I want that, I do it, all done, etc.  Something cute is his confusion with the word 'you'.  Anytime he sees a picture of himself, he says 'you', because we say you when we see it.  Not sure how to explain it to him, he'll figure it out eventually.  He is a big fan of his boy cousins right now, says Tommy and Wes constantly, as if running down his list of favorite people, or favorite names to say.  He likes to color, do puzzles, be outside ('side') as he calls it, play with his new buzz and woodys, and of course he still spends a good chunk of his day playing with his cycles.  He likes Morgan, our 'beebee', and pretends that his snowman is his 'beebee', wrapping it in a kitchen towel and cradling it.  He still takes a good nap most afternoons, giving me some much needed off time or work time.  Nothing is more exciting for him than when Daddy comes home.  He has been acting up more (they don't call it the terrible twos for nothing), but overall is a very sweet, happy, fun-loving boy who I adore.

2/12/10 - 22 months old

Memphis loves his Daddy more than ever.  He now says "Daddy" instead of just "Da", though the later d's are mostly silent.  I hear him say this all day long, anytime he sees something that belongs to his daddy.  His favorite pastime is watching his Daddy's 2 youtube videos where he's playing his bass with his brothers.  His other favorite pastime is playing at the kitchen sink.  This came about after he saw his daddy do the dishes.  Now he wants to be there constantly, and anytime I pull him away, it's very upsetting.  He continues to accumulate words...soap, show, dog, cat, hee-haw, please, done, down
He loves to watch 'shows'.  His favorite is the 'woody' show (toy story) and 'dog' show (Bolt).  He likes to say buhbye to everyone at the grocery store when we check out.  It's so very sweet.

1/12/10 - 21 months old

Some of Memphis's new words are:  up, help, socks, Woody, I did it.  Animals sounds he does are:  cow, horse, cat, duck, dog, owl. He is clearly starting to assert his own personality and will.  If he doesn't want something, he says 'nooo' in his funny high voice.  He's eating pretty good now.  He usually has a banana with a muffin or pancake for breakfast, pb&j or ham and cheese with fruit for lunch, and whatever we're having for dinner.  We're slowly trying to implement the 'you need to take x more bites before you can get down' rule at dinner if he hasn't eaten enough.  He loves red meat apparently, as he can put away a lot of pot roast or steak.  Still sleeping great.  Goes down between 8 and 9, and gets up between 8 and 9, with a 1.5 - 3 hour nap in the afternoon.  I've been able to get lots of work done during his long naps.  He gives great kisses most every night now when he goes to bed, and sometimes hugs.  He even gave EJ hugs while he was here.  That was a first for him to hug another kid.

12/12/09 - 20 months old

Memphis is 20 months old and a busy boy.  He loves to play with his cycles and cars, but is also a bookworm, and will sit through as many books as I'm willing to read.  He will also sit and read books to himself for a long time.  He's not saying too many words yet, though he jabbers constantly.  He does like to say hi, oh no, ball, hot, toes, no way, night night, oh my, bye bye, shoe, yeah; and does several of the animal sounds, moo is his favorite.  He sleeps great and lets his Momma get plenty of rest right now.  I'm enjoying it while I can, as I don't expect to get quite so lucky with the next one.  He likes to be a helper, and especially wants to be doing whatever his Daddy is.  This is a fun age during the holidays, and Memphis has had fun picking out pumpkins and helping with the Christmas tree. 

11/12/09 - 19 months old

Memphis is a bookworm.  He insists on many books being read to him everyday.  He will also sit and look at them by himself for long chunks of time.  He talks his own language constantly, but still doesn't say many decipherable words.  Just said 'night night' a bunch tonight though.  He likes to moo alot, and can identify most farm animals in his books.  He loves to play with his motorcycles and cars.  He does his puzzles very well.  He's a good helper, picks up his toys with me when asked, and follows Daddy around wanting to do whatever he's doing.  He can be quite the ham, especially when he has a large audience.  When he's really excited, he literally screams, loves hearing his voice.  He goes in the 4s & 5s class at church with Grammie & I, and loves to play with all the toys in there, and do whatever the older kids are doing, even color.  Though he insists on having markers (not crayons) as they have, and is more interested in taking lids off and holding 3 or 4 markers in his hand, then in actual coloring.

Dad took this incredible picture of our sweet boy.

At his 18 month appt., his weight was 2nd percentile, but height 64th percentile, and still a big head at 84th percentile.
 10/16/09 20 lb. 10 oz
 2% 2' 8.75"
 64% 19.33" 84%

9/12/09 - 17 months old

Memphis is a happy, busy boy.  He loves playing in his sandbox, and just running around.  When asked, he can point to his eyes, nose, belly button, and now toes.  He also says toes.  Still doesn't say many words consistently, but jabbers constantly, and if you listen closely, you can catch even phrases sometimes.  He just doesn't repeat them.  He must have been growing recently, as he had a few days in a row of over 3 hour naps.  He falls alot and has various accidents, and has some kind of bruse on his face most of the time, but he's a great sport.  He likes to climb up on all the big chairs, and can also climb up on our bed by himself now.  So, I keep a careful eye...  He is very into his books right now, and has his favorites that he wants read over and over.

8/12/09 - 16 months old

Memphis had his first swim lessons in late July/early Aug.  His daddy was in the pool with him, and he learned to blow bubbles, kick, and 'fall in'.  I think he says a lot more than we catch on to.  Everyday it seems I hear something, then think, did he just say ___?  He does say "hey dad" quite a bit right now.  Various things I think I've heard include: shark, whale, you do it, I want that...............
He also seems to understand a lot, and even follows my directions/instructions (some of the time).  He's been having a great time with his Uncle Epes, Auntie Becky and cousin EJ.  Continues to eat well (besides vegetables).  He walks out to the car now with me, and all the way down to the mailbox.  I love watching him walk, it's so cute, and makes him into such a little boy, which is fun.  Still goes to bed between 8 & 9, takes a 2 hourish nap in the afternoon, and gets up at 8ish in the am.  He is tons of fun everyday.

7/12/09 - 15 months old

On June 25 Memphis started walking.  After a week or so, he had progressed to walking more than crawling, and now he's probably 80% walking, 20% crawling.  It's still so cute and rewarding watching him walk.  He continues to have lots of teeth coming in.  Last night he was up in the middle of the night for an hour, bothered by his sore gums.  Along with his jabber, he does say Hi consistently now.  It's very cute.  He's pretty much just taking 1 nap now, in the afternoon.  Though he does take a 'rest' most mornings.  He's eating pretty good.  Some days I think he eats almost as much as I do.  His new love is blueberries.  Still enjoys cheese, pb&j sandwiches, and any fruit really.  Frozen yogurt is a favorite treat (for Memphis and Momma).  He's been enjoying playing in his kiddie pool and starts swim lessons soon with his daddy.  He loves to make big messes.  He can keep himself busy in his room for some time, empying the shelves and drawers.

6/12/09 - 14 months old

Well, another month gone by, and Memphis is still not walking.  Right or wrong, Aaron and I do get discouraged by it.  He's quite the climber (bulldozer) now.  Today he climbed right onto a big kitchen chair, didn't even see him do it, must have  a lot of upper body strength.  Last night he climbed all the way up the ramp several times that Aaron uses to load the motorcycles into his truck.  He has 3 new teeth coming in.  A couple way back in there.  He continues to eat pretty good, though he definitely has meals he has no interest in, which makes for miserable dinner times.  He's moving into the copying stage.  Last night, he was trying to air up the tires like Daddy was, using a makeshift tool and copying what he saw his daddy doing.  It was pretty cute.  Seems he tries to test me everyday, guess he's already figured out I'm the weaker one in the discipline area.  It's hard to figure out how to be tough enough, seems like he's still a baby, and it's hard to know how much he understands.  He continues to jabber a lot, but no real words that I can decipher.  He tries to say moo, but it comes out mmmmm.  Goes to bed around 8:30 and wakes up between 7 and 8 usually.  Probably sleeps straight through 2/3 of the time.  He can be quite the ham if he knows he has an audience, cracking himself up and everyone else.  Likes to hand things to everyone, always wants to hand me his sippy cup.  He's learning to pick up different objects and hand them to me when I ask him to.

5/12/09 - 13 months old

Well, despite Aaron's best efforts, Memphis is still not walking.  He's just not interested yet.  Why walk when you can crawl and get there faster?  He does enjoy walking with his walker and walking his quad around the house though.  He does that a lot on his own now, which he wasn't doing a few weeks ago.  He loves playing cars, making the noises, and playing with his daddy's old hot wheels.  He's eating pretty good.  Favorites are grapes, bananas, cheese, goldfish crackers.  Frozen yogurt is a favorite treat.  Won't touch chicken, but likes ground beef.  He's drinking his whole milk good now, and is completely weaned.  Think it was harder on me than on him.  Sleeps through the night most nights.  Loves loves to be outside.  If the screen is unlocked, he'll crawl out and across the yard to his sandbox, then bang on it, signaling that he'd like it open please.  He's starting to resist 2 naps a day, and most days just gets 1 decent one in.  He's just too busy, has too much to do.  Likes to jabber in his baby language, and say yea? a lot.  Points at everything and says yea?  Picked this up from his daddy who would say yea?  to his jabbering.  He has 5 teeth now.

4/12/09 - 12 months old
Here is Memphis at his 1st birthday party, holding up how many fingers for how old he is.  :)  He had a great party.  It is hard to believe he is already 1.  At his 1 year old appt. he weighed 18 lbs. 6.5oz. which put him down to the 2nd percentile.  Mom looked in my baby book, and I weighed 18 lbs. 3 oz. almost exactly the same.  Aaron was also a tiny one.  His height was in the 60th percentile though which was interesting, and of course his head was still big, 82nd percentile.  He's been enjoying his sandbox and playgym.  He just loves to be outside.  He has said a few more words, though I haven't heard any of them:  'no', 'buhbye', 'papa', 'good', 'uh oh'.  He may be weaned, we'll see.  Momma's not sure she's ready for that.  He is sleeping through the night again though.  He loves reading books, and will look at them on his own for a long time.  He makes some pretty intense funny faces, keeping us entertained.
3/12/09 - 11 months old
As you can see in this picture, Memphis has his two center top teeth, as well as his two bottom center teeth.  He continues to be busy busy.  Circles the house all day.  He's in the stage where he likes to 'empty' everything.  Makes messes everywhere, emptying any drawer or cupboard he can find.  :)  Still waking up once most nights.  Still taking two naps most days.  I'm slowly starting to wean, though it's been hard for me.  Hard to believe he's this old already.  He nurses 4-5 times in a 24 hr. period now, along with his 3 meals and various snacks.  His favorite foods are bananas (nanners) and cheese.  He inhales those 'chubby bunny' style.  Most nights he's eating our dinner now:  chicken, pasta, brown rice, beans, ground beef.  We're focusing on getting plenty of protein in him.  He's started to throw mini fits/temper tantrums if he doesn't get what he wants, or if something that he's not supposed to play with is taken away from him.  Boy can he scream then.  I'm usually able to distract him fairly quickly and move him on to something else.  He loves being outside in the sunshine, and we try to take lots of walks and go to the park, or just play in our own backyard.
2/12/09 - 10 months old
Memphis turned 10 months old on my 28th birthday.  He started crawling on his knees while we were in Kirkwood at the end of January.  It is so fun to watch him crawl.  He is so adorable.  His two top teeth are just about to break through, and the other center bottom one has broken through.  He spends a good portion of his day standing up, holding onto something.  He's very careful though, and knows how to lower himself back down.  He hasn't had a bad fall yet.  Seems he finds something new to get into almost everyday.  He finally started saying Momma as well as Dada.  He still wakes up once most nights, but sometimes sleeps through the night.  It's getting harder to get him to go down for a 2nd nap.  He enjoys books, especially ones that are interactive with things he can touch and feel, and will look at his favorite ones by himself.  He also especially loves Goodnight Moon, and made Daddy read it to him 6+ times one night (He kept grunting and opening it back up each time after Daddy finished).
1/12/09 - 9 months old
Memphis is my busy bee.  He never stops.  He circles the living room/dining room/kitchen all day, exploring.  He's even started venturing back into the bedrooms.  Yesterday, he went into our bedroom and pushed the door shut (not latched) behind him, then was trying to get back out, but couldn't pull it open because he was too close.  He got pretty frustrated, but it was quite cute.  I finally got him to back up, so I could help him out.  He talks/grunts a lot as he army-crawls along.  He makes car noises when he plays with cars.  As of the last week or so, he's starting to pull himself up on things, mostly on his knees, sometimes all the way to his feet.  Anytime he's not ready to go to sleep, he pulls himself up to his feet in his crib and lets us know he's not ready for naptime.  It's pretty cute to go in and see him standing there, gnawing on the crib rail.  The week before Christmas, while down in LA he started clapping.  He waves occasionnaly, but not consistently.  He loves raising his arms for "so....big".  He is a cheerio fiend, and can really put them away.  He's had a cold since right after Christmas, that is still lingering with a drippy nose.  Christmas was so much fun with him, though he's not terribly interested in his new toys.  He'd rather play with my decorative fake flowers, the remote, the phones, various cords, the chair and table legs, etc.  Also while in LA, his first tooth finally broke through.  We noticed it while sitting in Denny's waiting for the Grapevine to open back up.  Still the only tooth though, and it's still mostly just a nub.  He's waking up once every night to eat.  My theory is that he wakes up hungry because he's so active during the day.  Still I miss when he used to sleep 10-12 hours straight, but as his weight has dropped to the 9th percentile (after starting out in the 80s), I don't want to deprive him of any calories.  He is a lot of fun, but is definitely starting to keep us on our toes.
12/12/08 - 8 months old
We sure are looking forward to our first Christmas with Memphis.  He is very interested in the packages and loves tearing at the wrapping paper, so I think he will have fun opening his presents.  He's also very cued into shoes now.  In fact, he's playing with mine now as I type this.  He still loves the remote control and my cell phone.  He's also into the door stopper now.  He's eating great.  Will eat anything we give him now.  I'm doing a mix of homemade and jarred food, depending on what's in season and cheap to make.  And we do jarred meats.  A couple weeks ago, he started waking up at night.  We were so spoiled for so long by his 10-12 hour sleeping nights.  We're not sure why he started waking up.  He still doesn't have any teeth despite the fact that he seems to have been working on them for forever.  His "army crawling" continues to improve, he uses his feet now to push off, and gets around pretty quick.   
11/12/08 - 7 months old
Memphis is doing great.  We're starting to see his personality come out.  He is becoming much more a little boy vs. an infant.  It's been weeks since he's fallen asleep on me.  He rarely really cuddles.  Even when he nurses, it's just for a couple minutes, and then he's sitting up and trying to get away.  He always wants to have something in his hands.  He's very curious.  His favorite "toys" right now are my glasses and the tv remote control.  He is super quick at snatching my glasses off my face.  He loves to jump and bounce in his thing that hangs over the door frame.  Peekaboo and daddy hanging him upsidedown are what make him laugh the most.  He is eating 3 meals a day now, in addition to lots of nursing.  So far, I have made pumpkin, green beans, and sweet potato for him to eat.  Sweet potato is by far the favorite, and the first thing he would eat without any cereal mixed in.  He is also getting prune juice to try and soften his stools, as he's had a sore bum the last few days from some rough poops.  He is a great sleeper.  He takes 2-3 naps a day (of 1-2 hours each).  He goes to sleep usually around 8pm, and is up between 6:30 and 7:30am. 
10/12/08 - 6 months old!
Today is his half-birthday.  Hard to believe.  Memphis is sitting up pretty well now.  He got to sit in the grocery cart for the first time today.  The last week, he's gotten really cued into the animals at Grammy & Gramps house.  He loves the dogs, donkeys and kitty.  He's rolling everywhere now, really gets around.  He loves to talk, and his vocalizing changes as he experiments with new sounds.  He is still sleeping great, never wakes up at night, takes great naps, loves his crib, gets all happy when we put him there, grabs a stuffed animal (snuggle friend), sucks his thumb, and he's good to go.  He laughs the most when Daddy tosses him in the air, or when I do peekaboo.  He loves to stand up on your lap.  He gets a really good grip on Momma's hair now.  He is our joy everyday.
He had his 6 month checkup.  His weight is 16lb. 8oz. (32nd percentile), so his weight gain has slowed, but she says thats normal.  His height is 27.5 inches (85th percentile, so he's still very tall).  And his head is the 85th percentile, still big!  We all agreed that his leg length discrepancy didn't seem as noticeable, so we're just going to wait and watch and see if he's affected at all when he starts to walk, etc.  He just had his first rice cereal, he ate alot and was very interested in the whole process.
9/12/08 - 5 months old!
I feel like I tend to write the same thing each update.  Memphis is growing so fast, and getting cuter everyday,and is an absolute joy...but it's true!  He is getting more and more cued into everything around him, grabbing for objects.  He has also started pounding on things, and likes to roll himself up in a blankets, making a cocoon.  We ended up with 3 different opionions on why his legs are different lengths, could be femur (thigh), shin (tibia) or hip.  As he has no pain, we're not too concerned, but they want to do an xray and send him to a pediatric orthotist anyway.
In his super cute outfit for Auntie Becky's baby shower
20 weeks old

On Sunday night (Aug. 24), after returning from our trip, we moved Memphis to his crib for sleeping at night.  It was a sad, lonely night for Aaron and I, but Memphis did fine.  On Thursday, I saw him roll over from his tummy to his back (so he now officially can roll over both ways).  We think he's probably been doing this for awhile, for how he manages to get around, but it was the first I'd finally seen it.  So now he can sure roll around on the floor and get places if he's down there long enough.  He discovered his tongue this week.  He sticks it out all the time, and wants to lick everything.  He gives big open-mouth, wet, slobbery kisses and licks your face.  He also has found my hair, and gets a good grip on it, or grabs my cheek and squeezes.  He sure is so much fun.  It's just amazing to me how good-natured he is.  Unless he's feeling bad, he just never fusses.  Doesn't matter if we've been out for hours, he's always happy.  He brings me such joy everyday.  It just gets better and better.  He loves to stand now.  We noticed something funny when we finally stood him on a solid flat surface for the first time.  He was leaning, then we measured his legs, and one is longer than the other, by a good 1/2 inch.  We're not sure what to think about that.

He spends a lot of time like this these days...

19 weeks old

We just returned from Memphis's first trip to the ocean.  We had a lot of fun.  He is now able to get his toes into his mouth, quite impressive.  He loves to talk all the time. 

18 weeks old

Memphis had a doctors appointment this week.  His weight was 15 lb. 11.2 oz (66%); height was 26" (85%); and head was 17.52" (95%).  So, he is starting to slim down some as his weight percentile dropped from 79%, he is growing length as his percentile went up from 73%, and his head continues to be big (up from 82%).  He got his 2nd round of shots and a fever after that.  He'd had a small fever the night before and stuff nose, so he was either sick or teething.  He cried and fussed more Thursday and Friday than the whole rest of his life.  But today, he was happy as could be, we took him to the State Fair and he did great.  He is grabbing on to Momma's hair a lot now.  And starting to enjoy standing up.

This picture was taken at the Fair, while looking at the horses.

Aug. 12 - 4 months old

On Thursday, August 7, Memphis officially rolled over, and he did it 10 times that day.  Then he didn't roll over again until Monday night.  He did do it several times on Tuesday so my grandparents got to see it.  His hands and feet are very fascinating to him, he's always playing with them.  Momma's hands and face and hair are also very interesting.  He's starting to grab at my face or hair a lot more.

He looks a little surprised in his super cute bathrobe.

16 weeks old
One of his new things this week has been a fascination with running his fingernails on different textures and feeling and listening to the sound it makes.  While camping with my parents and Monica & Oscar, he loved scratching the camp chairs.  He did great camping for the weekend, his first time in the woods.  He rolled over for my mom while relaxing with her in one of the tents, on an air mattress.  Then when I came over to see, he did it again, from his back to his side, then to his tummy.  He's spending a little time in an exersaucer everyday now, and is really getting into playing with the toys on it.  We got him to laugh a lot again while camping, just by his Daddy banging two big sticks together.  We seem to have a pattern at what makes him laugh, as this is the 3rd time he's laughed for a long time at things crashing/banging together.

Here is a picture from the camping trip

15 weeks old
Memphis has slept through the night every night this week.  The 3am feedings may be all done now.  Our new routine is that we get up when Daddy heads to the kitchen for breakfast around 6:15, Memphis eats, and then we fall asleep on the couch after Daddy leaves for work at 6:40, and sleep for another hour or so.  Memphis rolled/fell over once very early in the week, but hasn't again yet, so that may have been a fluke.  He was on his tummy, but barely propped to his side a little.  I continue to be amazed at just what a patient, good-natured boy he is.  Even when out running errands for hours, he never complains, but just sits contently in his stroller staring at his surroundings.

14 weeks old

We got a big rug for our living room, so now Memphis spends more time on his tummy and back and side just playing.  He can roll from his back to his side as of just the last few days.  He's getting much more active when he's on his tummy.  Here's a video clip with him on his tummy, and talking a lot!  Oh yeah, and last weeks pictures were a little posed, I must confess.  He doesn't sit like that for very long yet.  But he sure looks cute when he's sitting up.

13 weeks old - exactly 3 months old today! (7/12/08)

Is this not the cutest picture of the cutest boy?!  I can't handle it.  It makes me tear up he's so adorable.  What joy he brings to our lives everyday.  This week Daddy got him laughing the most he ever has by tickling and blowing on his belly.  Momma missed it, and of course when we turned the camera on, he stopped.  He can hold his head up 90 degrees while on his tummy.  His hands are very interesting to him these days.  Sucking his thumb is a two-handed affair.  Last night he slept from 10:30pm - 7:30am.

12 weeks old
Here is a picture of Memphis in the new exersaucer his Grammy got.  Despite being a little small for it still, he hung out in it for a half hour or so.  This week he started lifting his legs a lot in a frog position.  When he gets really excited in his bouncer chair, he stretches way out, and pushes with his feet, putting himself in a standing position.
11 weeks old
Memphis had a Doctor's appointment on Wed.  His weight is 13 lb, 11.6 oz, 79th percentile (meaning he weighs more than 79% of boy babies his age), height is 24 inches (73rd percentile), and head is 82nd percentile, so still a big boy!  He got his first shots.  He cried, but not for too long.  He then got a slight fever that night (which is very normal), but was fine the next day.  So, all in all, he did pretty good.  He is really getting cued into his toys, grabbing and chewing on them.  He is holding his head up so well now.  He likes to be held sitting up away from you like a big boy.
10 weeks old
Memphis is growing up so fast!  He started laughing this week.  We took our first camping trip in our new little trailer.  Check it out here.  He grabs on to his toys now and chews on them.  He continues to be a very happy baby, sleeping great, and rarely crying.
9 weeks old
Memphis weighs 14 lbs. now.  He gained 1 lb. just this last week!  We officially have a thumb-sucker on our hands.  He started sucking just his thumb (and not his fist) on Thursday June 12.  He had 2 different days where he really spewed.  One of the days, he spewed twice in the span of a few hours, totally emptying his stomach.  It never seems to bother him, just scares his Momma.  But obviously, he's getting enough to eat.  :)  I had work things 2 days this week, and he did great with both Grandma Cheryl and Grammy and Gramps.  Yes, my Dad even watched him for a few hours until my mom got off work.  This upcoming weekend is his first camping trip.  We're going to Yerington, NV to go dirt-biking with Aaron's family.
8 weeks old
Memphis weighs 13 lbs. now.  He's really starting to fill out, he has funny rolls under his armpits and in his thighs.  He continues to love to look at things.  He's fascinated by his crib mobile and swing mobile.  He has slept through the night 3 different nights now.  Otherwise, we just get up once to eat, usually around 4am.  He started sucking on his fist this last week. 

Your baby at 8 weeks
- Your baby can differentiate familiar voices from other sounds and is becoming a better listener. He also can show you that he's in tune with his environment. Notice how he looks to see where certain noises are coming from.  An ongoing conversation (although still one-sided!) can help your baby develop his sense of place. He may even watch your mouth as you talk, fascinated by how it all works.
7 weeks old
I went to work one day this week for 6 hours.  Memphis did good with Grandma Cheryl and his bottles.
Your baby at 7 weeks - Your baby's hands should be mostly open now and ready to reach out to the world. Although your baby can't grab objects just yet, he can grasp things placed in his hands. And once he wraps his hands around something, he might not let go so easily. He'll also try to bat at objects.
6 weeks old
He's smiling more.  Yesterday he weighed 12 lbs. with his clothes!  Though I guess I shouldn't be surprised as many days it feels like all he does is eat!  Hard to get anything done then.  Today we tried a bottle for the first time, and he took it pretty well.  Ate 3 oz. over 3 different feedings.  I wanted to try it out as I'm hoping to go to work one day this week and leave him with grandparents and bottles for a few hours.
Your baby at 6 weeks - Has your baby smiled at you yet? If not, he will soon. At 6 weeks, about half of all babies can recognize their parents, and many of those babies are so delighted that they welcome Mom or Dad with an excited, gurgly grin. This is one of the first signs that your baby is developing an ability to socialize. In fact, it's called a "social smile," and it's one of the more emotionally gratifying milestones you'll see your baby reach.
5 weeks old
He looks a lot like my baby pictures here.  (His eyes look a little funny because it's my poor attempt at fixing redeye).  Memphis got his first cold this week.  Some sneezing, coughing, and a little congestion.  He's starting to smile and coo.  He likes to take play breaks while nursing, and look at me and smile and make noises and fling his arm around and wiggle his legs.  I think his hair is getting lighter.  Compare this pic with 1 week old.
Your baby at 5 weeks - Your baby is learning that she has hands and fingers and feet and toes. He's also starting to talk more. Not with words, of course, but by cooing — with increasing goos, gurgles, and grunts. This marks the beginning of his language development. Talk to your baby often. You'll be able to keep his attention by shifting from a low to a high pitch — the singsong style that parents in every culture tend to use when speaking to a baby.
4 weeks old
3 weeks old
2 weeks old
1 week old
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Monica Galvan (monica)
The picture is AWESOME!!!!!
Richard Carr (richard)
Love the long description!  It sure describes him!
Apr 15, 2010  ( 2 comments )  
Marie Carr (nanarie)
He is really a great little kid and an amazing talker!
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Yeah, that's a great picture of "big brother Memphis"!  He sure loves to play chase down our long hallway and put the giant puzzles together at our house.
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