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07a - Memphis goes to Merced

07a - Memphis goes to Merced
On July 1st, Memphis and I spent the day in Merced.  My best friend from Jr. High/High School was in town from Colorado, so we drove down so Memphis could meet her.  We visited our dear little school (where I attended 1st - 8th grade).
Anjanette with Memphis at our alma mater.  One of our former teachers, Mr. Balance, is still there.
We also ran into a former classmate, who now works at the school.
Then we visited another friend from high school, Antonio.
Then we dropped in on our high school youth pastor, Kevin.  He was very surprised to see us.  :) 
He has 3 girls that are spaced the same as Monica, Beck & I.  His oldest (who was a baby when I was in the youth group) is now going into 8th grade.
He has some fun years ahead!
Then I visited my dear friend Bambi.  Here she is with her grandsom.
Lastly, we stopped in Atwater on our way back up, to have dinner with the Mizeners, and visit the house where I lived my
Sr. year of High school.  Sarah is pregnant with her 3rd baby.
Sydney, Sarah, Memphis, me, Chris & Drew
To think it's been 9 years since I lived with them.

Creation date: Jul 4, 2008 11:21am     Last modified date: Jul 4, 2008 11:27am   Last visit date: Sep 24, 2020 1:17pm
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Jul 4, 2008  ( 4 comments )  
Richard Carr (richard)
It is so great you were able to visit old friends, especially Anjanette!  I bet your old youth pastor was really encouraged to see you three!
Monica Galvan (monica)
Wow!   A blast from the past!  Everyone looks exactly the same!  What a fun day for you and Memphis!
Elizabeth Dierks (lizzy)
Its nice to stay in touch
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Everyone looks great!  Drew has grown so much.  Kevin has a little gray hair already going into the teen years! It's great that MCS is still going strong.
Jul 5, 2008  ( 3 comments )  
Katharine Carr (katharine)
Its mind blowing how quickly time goes by, it doesn't seem that long ago  at all.
Marie Carr (nanarie)
It as great to see Anjanette again---she hasn't changed a bit. Also enjoyed the pictures of Sarah's children. They are beautiful.
Sarah Hinman (sydrew)
thanks Monica I am glad you think we look the same! then I feel young again! Memphis is way too cute in person... If anyof you guys have not met him you are deffinatly missing out!
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