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08e - Memphis goes to the Zoo

Memphis goes to the Zoo
We took Memphis to the Zoo today (Labor Day).  It was the 3rd weekend in a row of discovery and fun for Memphis.  First the Fair with all the farm animals, then the ocean & beach, now the zoo animals.  He wasn't totally into the animals, and many he probably didn't notice or see, but we still had fun.

I think this picture is too funny.
 This was so neat.  For a fleeting minute, we had the tiger up close all to ourselves.  Aaron and I both had the willies a little bit being just inches away with only a thick pane of glass to protect us.  Then a big group of people came up and scared him off.  But we snagged a few priceless photos first.
 Now we've moved onto the lion.  Since we went early in the day (got there by 10), and it wasn't too hot yet, the animals were out and about.
 He was tired after all the excitement.  :)  He got to see all the animals on his sheet except for the elephant.  (The Sac zoo doesn't have elephants anymore.)
 soooooo precious.....

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Sep 1, 2008  ( 2 comments )  
Sep 2, 2008  ( 2 comments )  
6:33 am
Monica Galvan (monica)
AAAHHHH!!!  I LOVE the first photo.  Just a classic.  Complete classic.  Those tiger pictures are pretty crazy.  The kangaroo shot with him in your pouch is hilarious.  And what a big boy!  All these fun-filled weekends! :)
7:52 pm
Katharine Carr (katharine)
I love his little hat and sunglasses.  Those tiger pictures are especially good. It seemed very interested in Memphis
Sep 4, 2008  ( 1 comment )  
9:08 pm
Sarah Hinman (sydrew)
wow that tiger was super close way cool. I love sleping baby picture the best. it shows how much fun he really had!
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