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05 - Some More Carl

Some More Carl

Addie with Carl
 Wednesday May 2 was a very windy evening.  Just as Carl was going in the front door with Aaron behind him, the wind slammed the door shut, hard.  We took him down to Vet Emergency in Stockton, and they did x-rays.  And he broke 3 of the 4 bones that connect to his paw.  So, he got a cast of sorts, and they said it'd be about 2 weeks.  We took him in yesterday, and as of now, it will be another 1.5 weeks, making 3 weeks in all.  He gets around surprisingly well.  But Aaron was sure worried about him and felt horrible.  It was a bad night.  Here he is looking pitiful, with his superman cast.
 Monica and Oscar get to meet him.
Check out how fast he can run in his cast...
Family picture, too bad he's not looking.
 Georgia came over to visit him.
 Now he has a new cast on.  This one has smiley faces on it.

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May 20, 2007  ( 1 comment )  
5:17 pm
Jennifer Tibbittts (jemma)
that is so sad. poor puppy dog. he sure can book it in that cast though.
May 25, 2007  ( 1 comment )  
9:42 pm
Elizabeth Dierks (lizzy)
I've been hearing about the dog from Kathy.  He is sooooo cute!  Natalie went crazy seeing his cute face.
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