10a - Memphis Sees Big Trees

Memphis Sees Big Trees
While on a church retreat in Arnold, we went up to Big Trees.  (Yes, the park named for it's big trees).  Lots of giant sequoias.
That's one big stump...
A big tree..
Yes, they are inside a once big tree
Another big tree
Yup, another big tree, that's all trunk behind them
2 big trees out of one
Big trees split by fire
A tree tunnel to walk through
Family pictures

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Oct 6, 2008  ( 2 comments )  
Oct 7, 2008  ( 2 comments )  
1:05 pm
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Do you remember visiting the giant sequoias as a little girl when our whole family went?
10:23 pm
Katharine Carr (katharine)
I remember going to this park several times as a child. Its a cool place. Great family photo!
Oct 8, 2008  ( 2 comments )  
7:31 am
Richard Carr (richard)
Love looking at the photos!  So glad you were able to go on the retreat!
5:49 pm
Marie Carr (nanarie)
Never a dull moment for Memphis and his parents.
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