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12d - Our Little Snowman

Our Little Snowman
A friend loaned us this costume to take pictures in.  It is the funniest thing.

Creation date: Dec 14, 2008 11:25 am     Last modified date: Dec 14, 2008 11:26 am   Last visit date: Jan 27, 2020 1:37 pm
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Dec 14, 2008  ( 4 comments )  
3:48 pm
Katharine Carr (katharine)
oops he melted!
4:06 pm
Julie Carr (beekielou)
How CUTE!!!!!!  A snowbaby with an angelic face and a cooperative attitude!!
4:57 pm
Marie Carr (nanarie)
What a sweetheart!
9:36 pm
Monica Galvan (monica)
Look at those adorable cheeks popping out!!!
Dec 15, 2008  ( 4 comments )  
12:57 pm
Richard Carr (richard)
I laughed when I saw the last photo.  Probably will be the last time he "bows down" to you.  :)
In the first photo, the reflection in his left eye almost looks like a white cross.
2:51 pm
Rebecca Sargent (rebecca)
The first photo is the first pic. ive seen of him not smiling it looks like it took him a minute to adjust to being a snowman.  The last pic. made me laugh so hard i was crying.. did he bonk his head
7:46 pm
Elizabeth Dierks (lizzy)
What a goof ball!
7:57 pm
Kathy Carr (kathy)
What else can I say?  You sure do have fun with the photos!
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