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12f - Disneyland with Memphis!

Disneyland with Memphis!
Aaron's whole family was going to Disneyland and after much wavering back and forth, we spontaneously decided to drive down Wed. night.  Except that they closed the grapevine so we ended up staying the night at I-5 and 58 (west of Bakersfield) at the Red Roof Inn.  We could have taken the recommended detour to 101, but it was going to add many hours of driving.  So, we got up Thursday am, and waited for them to open I-5.  They didn't open it until after 11, so it was close to 2 when we finally got to my grandparents house.  (We had decided to go to disneyland on friday when we knew we wouldn't get down there wed. night).  Meanwhile, Aaron's parents ended up stranded out in the mojave desert, and slept in their car wed. night.  They left their house for Disneyland wed. morning and didn't get to their hotel in Anaheim until after 6pm thursday night, some 30 hours later.
Memphis got to go on lots of rides at Disneyland.  And Momma & Daddy got to go on rides while Papa & Grandma watched Memphis and the other kids.  We never had to really wait in any substantial lines as we were handed "Dream FastPasses" that gave us fast passes for most of the major rides that could be used at any time.  It was pretty sweet.
Here we are in line at Disneyland.  We got to the parking lot at 7:10am, and were in line by 7:45am.
I had never been in the park at Christmas time, they go all out with the decorations!
We went straight to Peter Pan for the first ride.  no line then.
Next was Dumbo
Then Pinoccio, then the Circus Train, now the Storybook boats.
Now on to Pirates, which Memphis rode, and even nursed on.  His eyes got really big on this ride looking around at everything.
He's getting hungry...
We got free hats when we got off the winnie the pooh ride
On the Jungle cruise
Watching the Pixar Parade in CA Adventure.  Memphis could only ride the Monsters Inc. ride here, but Momma & Daddy got to ride all our favorite rides.
Goodbye Disneyland.  Sometime in the 8 oclock hour, we all got too tired after being there 12+ hours, and decided not to stay for the fireworks.

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Dec 26, 2008  ( 6 comments )  
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Dec 28, 2008  ( 1 comment )  
8:52 am
Marie Carr (nanarie)
Well, I think the Daddy and Mommy enjoyed it even more than Memphis did.
Dec 30, 2008  ( 1 comment )  
5:51 pm
Sarah Hinman (sydrew)
so FUN! just one day? and it doen't look crowed at all what a way to spend Christmas!
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