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03a - Camping at Carnegie

Camping at Carnegie
March 13-15
We went to watch Aaron's brother and friends compete in the Hillclimb.  Memphis enjoyed putting rocks in his mouth the whole weekend.  Aaron and I also got to ride a couple times.
In my new gear I got for my birthday

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Christina Roper (croper)
those are the big hills behind me, used for the hillclimb events.  We didn't take the camera on our rides, as Aaron worries about breaking it, but we ride back behind those.
Mar 27, 2009  ( 1 comment )  
Julie Carr (beekielou)
Memphis is exploring the world with his mouth - a key sensory area for young children.
You look so professional in your riding gear!  The only way I would go on a bike would be on a trike-type. Glad you all enjoy the sport!
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