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07 - Aaron's Birthday Surprise

Aaron's Birthday Surprise

Aaron's birthday this year was on 7/7/07, a Saturday.  Being the weirdo that I am, I felt the need to do something special.  We have yet to go to Disneyland together since we met.  Aaron had been talking for awhile now about how he was wanting to go.  So I decided to go big, and bought 2-day parkhopper passes.  We hadn't been since they opened up California Adventure, or redid Space Mountain, so we were pretty excited.  It sure was hard keeping it all a surprise for Aaron.  He'd been told we were doing something Thursday night.  But he didn't know we were going out of town, though he had started to get suspicious, after too much brainstorming with his brother.  But then he came home Thursday afternoon, and didn't see any bags packed, and the puppy was there, and I was dressed up like we were going out to dinner.  So he was very confused.  We hopped in the car, drove down Twin Cities to I-5, then started south.  I wanted to tell him before we got too far, and he figured it out, so I pulled off a few miles later in Thornton.  And here's how it went.

We stayed with my grandparents (Thank you Grandpa & Grandma!) Thursday night and got up at 5:30am to head to Disneyland.  We arrived at 7:15am, before they had opened up the parking garage.  So I waited in line to park, and Aaron started hoofing it to the main entrance.  I caught up with him at 7:58am, here we are in line.

I was very worried about the crowds, after all we were there 4th of july weekend.  I stumbled across a computer program online called Ridemax. (http://www.ridemax.com/) It cost $15, and it makes itineraries for you that minimize your wait time in line.  You plug in your start and end time, any breaks, and all the rides you want to go in, and it gives you a schedule that tells you when to go where, how long it will take to walk there, how long the projected wait time is, and how long the ride is.  WEll, let me tell you, it worked.  The whole time we were there, both days, we never waited longer than 25 minutes, and most of the time we were under 10.

Here we are on the new (to us) Buzz Lightyear ride 

On the Buzz ride, they let you email the picture they take for free.  Obviously Aaron was much better with the shooting at targets than I was...

Here we are on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
 Here's a sample of the kind of lines we were waiting in Friday morning.  :)
Snow White's Scary Adventure 
 At this point, it's only 9:45 am, and we've been on 9 rides!
 On top of the treehouse on Tom Sawyer Island
 Riding the ferry
 Riding the tea cups
 It's a Small World
 Pirates of the Caribeean
They added Johnny Depp's character in 3 different places.  
Back to Buzz Lightyear for more.. 
 NOw it's Saturday, and we went to California Adventure, which stayed pretty empty all day (well compared to Disneyland).
This ride was awesome!!!! 
 The "Hollywood" section of CA Adventure
 While walking across the park, we stumbled across these guys, only had to wait about 30 seconds to take our picture with them.  Had we been in Disneyland and tried to do this, we probably would have waited 2 hours.
 The roller coaster was awesome as well.
 Pretty cool huh
 Inside the Tower of Terror.  We rode it 4 times.  We also rode the roller coaster, river rapids ride, and drop ride a few times as well.

In the Blue Bayou restaurant, which is inside the Pirates of the CAribeean ride. Another surprise for Aaron  :)
Best Disneyland picture ever!  It was already blocked off for the fireworks, so there were no crowds. 

What a great time it was.


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8:36 am
Christina Roper (croper)
ah yes, I thought about that when we rode it, and remembered how Grandma pointed out the pirate with the pig to try and cheer me up, and I just cried more.  I have to say my fears as a 5 year old of the Big Thunder Mt. Railroad roller coaster were justified though.  How did they let such little girls on that ride?  I could have fallen out!
Sep 19, 2007  ( 1 comment )  
4:12 pm
Sarah Hinman (sydrew)
how cool is that! Aaron you have a pretty awsome wife. so that ride max really worked? we are going on a surprise trip next month at Halloween time. do you think it would work with little kids?
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