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Visiting Tom Carr's Shares (account name: penpaint)

As usual, John Barney, better known as JB, hosted a family gathering for as many of the descendants of  Gene and Anne Carr as could attend.  But something different happened this year, 8 members of the California branch of the Carr Clan joined in the festivities. In addition, members from Connecticut, Maryland, Ohio, and  Nevada joined those from Pennsylvania. Also, in answer to many fervent prayers, the weather was superb!
As you might expect, there were many many cameras there, and there are already some other photoblogs documenting this gala event. However, as you probably noticed, Tom Jr. was busy snapping and clicking at an impressive rate for most of the day.  After he got home to CA, he ditched the duds, but still there were 488 photos.  Since I am retired, and he is very busy making a living, I volunteered to select the best and make a photoblog.  So here is part one of three photoblogs. Many many thanks to Tom Jr for the photos, and to all of you for being so patient waiting for me to produce. 
But the biggest thanks of all go to JB and Okhui for arranging and hosting this gala event at his beautiful home.  So scroll down and see how this wonderful day progressed. 
As one approaches JB's Home, the first thing one sees is this beautiful lake and fountain.
Here is view of the house from the drive.
Looking at the living room from the outside.
Looking back towards the lake from the house balcony.
This is Okui's daughter Kira.
Now, this is a real super heavy duty barbecue that is busy turning a nice 80 pound pig, as well as a beef roast, and some other  goodies. What a feast awaits us!
Chuck and JB relaxing before the crowd arrives.
Beautiful Living Room, with large windows looking towards the lake.
Another view of the living room.
This shows more of the view towards the lake.
Robert capturing it all on his camera.
Richard and Dan in the background, and Kevin and Brittany, who belong to Tim and Carol, smile for us.
Tim is pondering if  he can get someone here to join him in a photo.
It worked! Kevin has joined him.
And this beautiful youn lady is Kasie, who is Cyndi's daughter.
Carol and Chuck give us big smiles!
The tent is where the feast is being prepared. Note the trampoline  to the right.
Richard and cousin Mark
Robert, Cyndi and Chuck are three of the baby boomer generation of cousins.
My brother Jim and I share the pose with Robert.
Dan and Chuck discussing some of the issues of the day.
Cousins Chuck and Tim
Cyndi gives a big smile.
Brittany is breaking up!
Nancy and Jim seem to be having fun!
Cyndi and Julie captured by Tom Jr.
This is my dear wife, Marie - she sure looks great!
And this is my dear sister, Lois Anne, - she looks great too!
Tim and Brittany capturing another shot.
Now Kira will show us what she can do on the trampoline.
Here is a flip.
Impressive altitude!
I don't know what this is, but I am sure that I could never do it!
Okhui is giving Jim and me a tour down to the river.
Okhui made sure that the two old geezers made it over the string barrier
Okhui, our charming and beautiful hostess!
Kassie and Carol
Carol removed the cheaters!
This is the river -- or a big creek, that borders JB's property. BEAUTIFUL!
But they had very severe flooding back in 2004, but fortunately, it did not reach the house.
My  dear sister-in-law, Joetta.  We are part of the "Over the Hill " gang.
Looking towards JB's house from the far side of the lake. The reunion cars are parked to the left, and the Badminton net on the far side of the lake.
A neighbor's house.
Kevin prepares to dive.
The pool was very popular with the younger generation.
Rob, Chuck, Tim, Carol and Cathy - cousins chewing the fat!
Cathy and her future niece, Lauren. She, and Luc will be wed on July 28th!
A beautiful young lady - I think Luc is very lucky.
She just looks so darn happy, that I just had to include all these photos.
On the left is Gary, who is engaged to Ginger, who is Theresa's daughter. Rob on the right.
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Jul 21, 2007  ( 1 comment )  
7:16 am
Richard Carr (richard)
It was a great time!!!  So happy I went! 
Thanks JB and Okui for opening up your home!
Thanks Dad for a great photoblog
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