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Visiting Tom Carr's Shares (account name: penpaint)

Amy smiles for the cameraman.
Ginger is poised for action.
DL is a jolly player!
Chuck looks like he is on the winning side!
Looks to me like someone has tickled Molly's fancy!
Amy goes for broke
Now, I think that Gary has found the best way to watch this high action game.
Jana displays her adornment.
Pat comes here to JB's place often and loves it.
There is that bride-to-be smile again!
Linda and Jean Anne, two of the baby boomer cousins.
Cathy has something serious on her mind?
Richard and Paul
Brittany is having fun with her cell!
I believe that Dan and Nancy found these gorgeous shirts in Hawaii.
I think that I was giving instruction to Theresa regarding satellite operations - or something like that.
Carol and Tim sharing a good one.
My son Richard and his dear aunt Pat. Boy, she sure looks good!
Helen and Theresa trying to think of some good jokes.
Liam is the most popular guy in the pool!
Brittany, Carol and Joetta pondering what to photograph next.
Brittany and her Mum, Carol, comparing grips.
Luc showing Liam a good time on the water.
Brittany framed by the puzzle.
Liam sure gets attention, but then he is really cute.
I think Susan has had enough time in the pool.
Richard and Susan
Nice shot of Liam.
Richard just loves to share - I think that is why he started the  Keep and Share project.
I think Susan is glad the she got Liam out of the pool without too much of a fuss.
Kevin loves the water.
The key things to notice here are the large coolers. There was lots and lots of refreshments.
Luc and his Grandmother, Helen.
Everyone has been looking for Lois, and finally, here she comes!
Jean Anne has brought a big Birthday Cake to celebrate Lois' 80th birthday.  But it is not really for a couple of weeks.
I don't know how she extinguished all those candles.
Julie and Cathy might be discussing the absolutely gorgeous weather we had today.
Richard and Jana probably sharing.
I think this is Carol and Brittany.
Mark is a very serious and dedicated fisherman. He and his wife, Molly, love to fish together. 
Jake, who is JB's son, prepares for a return smash.
Nice view of the house as the day is coming to an end. But the party continued well past sunset.
Okhui spent a lot of time in the kitchen being the perfect hostess, insuring that everyone got their just desserts!
Lois and her grandson, Aaron.
It became clear to me that there were no photos of the feasing part of this event. So I am including this photo from another camera to record this importatnt aspect:
As you can see, it was a great spread. All of the deserts were located in the kitchen.
That's my son Tom Jr on the right. I think this explains why he was not busy snapping photos during the feasting. He knows also that many times people do not look so good stuffing food in their mouth.

There is a tradition among the Eastern branch of the Carr Family, that they try to have a get-together every summer. Some of the "cousins" sometimes try to have a gathering the night before. This year was no exception, and Tom Jr was there with his camera. So, click here to see a few shots of the Friday the 29th gathering in a watering hole on the North Side.

Some other groups were gathered and photographed at the reunion. Click here
Next you can see some of the activities that occurred before the Main Reunion:
I mentioned that many other attendees were snapping photos. Robert collected some of them, and prepared a photoblog of the main reunion. Click here to see these other peoples photos:
Robert and Andrea picked their candidate of the 12 group shots that Tom Jr took. Their choice is shown on this photoblog, including a link to a really high resolution version:

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Apr 24, 2009  ( 2 comments )  
3:48 pm
Tom Carr (penpaint)
I just stumbled across this site.  You have so many excellent close up shots of everyone.  Great job!
5:38 pm
Richard Carr (richard)
That was me who just said "I just stumbled across this site.  You have so many excellent close up shots of everyone.  Great job!"  I really enjoyed looking at the photos again.  Can't believe it's been almost 2 years.
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