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Visiting Christina Roper's Shares (account name: croper)
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10 - Pumpkin Farm Fun
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Creation date: Oct 2, 2009 12:00am     Last modified date: Oct 30, 2009 2:45pm   Last visit date: Nov 8, 2020 10:08am
4 / 1000 comments
Oct 31, 2009  ( 4 comments )  
Monica Galvan (monica)
SOOOO  CUUTTEEE!!!  Man, it must be a crazy experience for the little guy!  Remember how big everything seemed when we were little.  That's some great footage of him exploring the pumpkin patch all alone!
Marie Carr (nanarie)
Well, he is really cute! I love the way he would slap the pumpkins and then clap his hands.
Kathy Carr (kathy)
That's funny how he checked out so many of the pumpkins and he likes all the animals!
Richard Carr (richard)
He is so blessed to be taken so many places.  You two are great parents!
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