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Visiting Christina Roper's Shares (account name: croper)
11 - Misc November Photos (Catching up!)
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Creation date: Nov 2, 2012 8:00 am     Last modified date: Feb 17, 2013 8:34 am   Last visit date: Feb 1, 2019 3:45 am
6 / 1000 comments
Feb 17, 2013  ( 4 comments )  
8:46 am
Aaron Roper (aaronroper)

Notice in #30 that Morgan is riding on the very thing that he would knock his tooth out with in less than a month.

11:49 am
Julie Carr (beekielou)

Fun pictures!  Love little Lincoln's expressions!  Pretty impressive lego structure!  Glad you have lots of company doing your exercises! 

12:18 pm
Jennifer Carr (jemma)

I love the exercise picture with the safetly glasses!! ADORABLE. also, those moose jammies are the best.

4:47 pm
Marie Carr (nanarie)

I love these pictures! So glad you are now finding time to catch up on putting them up on KandS.  All those Lincoln expressions are so precious.

Feb 18, 2013  ( 2 comments )  
7:19 pm
Monica Galvan (monica)

That lego creation is like the best ever!!!  And wow, what a super momma...vacuuming with the baby!  

9:08 pm
Kathy Carr (kathy)

Remember doing "Mouseercize" excercise videos when you were that age?!!


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