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Visiting Christina Roper's Shares (account name: croper)
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09 - Everyday Life (September 2015)
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Creation date: Aug 31, 2015 8:00am     Last modified date: Dec 23, 2015 6:03pm   Last visit date: Jan 23, 2021 8:28am
4 / 1000 comments
Dec 24, 2015  ( 1 comment )  
Dec 25, 2015  ( 1 comment )  
Jennifer Tibbittts (jemma)

I can't believe the wine making operation!! So awesome!! What an endeavor! Life on snow lilly looks so fun! awesome times!

Dec 26, 2015  ( 2 comments )  
Richard Carr (richard)

I also couldn't be how many frogs/tadpoles the boys caught!  Great job getting Lincoln to map the kitchen floor!  Looks like Memphis was able to climb all the way up on the wall, great job!


Love the photos of the 3 boys playing.  I bet the girl cousins are going to be a lot more into light sabers after they see Star Wars 7.  Boy, the boys sure get to experience a lot more stuff being home school!!!


Whose lego set is in photo 82?  Like the apple fritter in photo 88!  


Beautiful sunsets, especially in photo 101.



Kathy Carr (kathy)

So many fun activities for homeschoolers!! What did Memphis and Morgan make right before the pies?  Is that fun looking place where they have P.E.?  Looks like lots of steps in winemaking.  Lincoln and Gael are good buddies; I miss seeing EJ and Reef as well.  

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