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The following testing records do not include the numerous "Challenge"/"Refresher" course students. Many former Heart and Hands students have gone on to become nurses, EMT, doctors, and other health care professionals, including Krissy (Murnin) Eades, RN, a 2008 CNA student.

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Written Exam Details: Jul 01, 2014 thru Jul 28, 2016
Printed: Jun 06, 2016 12:44.13

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Safety                                |----------------------------------------86%      | 
Communication & Interpersonal Skills  |------------------------------------------89%    | 
Infection control                     |-----------------------------------------88%     | 
Basic Rights                          |-----------------------------------------87%     | 
Basic Nursing Skills & Personal Care  |---------------------------------------85%       | 
Role & Responsibility                 |----------------------------------------------99%| 
Physical Health & Illness             |-----------------------------------------87%     | 
Mental Health & Illness               |---------------------------------------------95% | 
Growth & Development Across the Ages  |-----------------------------------------87%     | 

Number of Times Missed

DIRECTIONS FOR MT WRITTEN EXAM              Vocabulary/Glossary/Abbreviations Games             DIRECTIONS  FOR MT SKILL EXAM             Pass/Fail of Exam Skills


Candidates have missed test items whose question or correct answer contain, reference, or imply these vocabulary words or phrases. (n%) = probability of missing that term.
3 Alzheimer's( 38%), appropriate response( 60%), BID(100%), PRN(100%), reporting( 33%), dentures(50%), infection control(38%)
2 bowel program( 67%), communication( 22%), contamination( 22%), documentation( 50%), flexed( 67%), hazardous substance( 67%), liquid diet(100%), mouth care( 67%), radial( 67%), vision change( 50%), bed cradle(100%), bodily fluids(100%), communication(17%), gloves(50%), ileostomy(100%), rationalization(100%), standard precautions(67%)

advance directives(100%), AIDS( 25%),anterior(50%),  aseptic(100%), aspiration( 50%), bathing(100%), confused resident( 33%), congestive heart failure( 50%), constipation (100%), contamination (100%), body mechanics(33%), care plan( 50%), cleaning( 33%), contracture( 25%), decubitus ulcer (50%), dehydration( 50%), diabetic(100%), dressing( 33%), dying( 50%), dysphagia( 50%), dyspnea (100%), emesis basin(100%), ethics(50%), fire safety ( 17%), foot board( 50%), foot drop( 50%), fraud(100%), glass thermometer( 33%), gloves( 25%), hair care(100%), hand washing( 50%), hepatitis B(100%), hip prosthesis(100%), infection(25%), isolation(8%), linen( 100%), material safety data sheets(33%), measuring height(100%), mechanical soft diet( 50%), nail care( 50%), nonverbal communication( 50%), NPO( 33%), nursing assistant's role(10%), objective(33%), observation( 50%), open bed  (50%), oral care (100%), perineal care( 17%), personal care( 25%), personal items(100%), PPE( 33%), PTSD( 25%), resident centered care( 33%), resident independence( 50%), resident's families(50%),sexual needs( 50%), sharps container( 50%), skin integrity(100%), supine(100%), standard precautions( 20%), TED hose(100%), telephone etiquette(100%), transporting(100%), vomitus(100%), white blood cells(33%) 

*Note: Heart and Hands record for Refresher/Review/Challenge version of the class in MT is the same or better than for the regular CNA training record above. For self-motivated individuals or CNAs with lapsed certification, this is a viable alternative to full NATP training. Also, Headmaster records prior to 2013 are no longer available, and Heart & Hands record prior to August 2009 was as good or better than the above, as well. Community College is revising their Nursing Selection Process to include healthcare-related experience. more