Mostly Morris Marina/Ital & Marlin Stuff


This is my personal archive of Mostly Morris Marina/Ital & Marlin Roadster / Berlinetta and Marlin Owners Club documentation.

Currently around 3.3 Gb of data in 575 files. If you are not my 'friend' you cannot see every file that is available to my 'friends' only about 50%.


This archive exists primarily to allow me access information from multiple mobile devices, immediately, wherever In the world I am at that time, without having to carry a portable hard drive or other bulky device.

To access all the information you require registration to Keepandshare.
Contrary to some beliefs, if you only want to read or download my documents, Registration with keepandshare is FREE.


Take care that you choose a Basic account, and not a Trial account.


Keepandshare does not generate spam traffic

I require registration partly because it limits the volume of spam traffic that I receive from others.

It allows me to contact registered users, if and when I add a new document, or more importantly when new information becomes available.


If you see a Folder that has the message "there are no documents to display" it does not mean that there are no documents there, but simply that you have not registered and been authorised to see them as my 'friend'.


If you find any of the info useful, I would appreciate a comment posted at

However this thread has now been closed by the MOC forum Administration?

 I must take a moment to thank one particular MOC member whose continued, occasionally absurd, cavilling and  unconscionable conduct, only succeeds in further promoting keepandshare and prompts me to produce a better resource for all my keepandshare friends.

The MOC stores limited though growing data in a Members Only section much of it is available here, taken from my original copies or from copies sent to me by my contributors.


If you would like to see more of the files I have shared, once registered with Keepandshare, you need to become my friend by sending me your username or email at;


otherwise you will not be able to see:


Marlin Roadster Build Manuals,
Marlin Advertising Literature for Roadster and Berlinetta and more,
Morris Marina Workshop Manuals,
A growing file of Morris Marina/Ital parts lists, mostly Marlin related for Mk1 and Mk2 donors


Workshop manuals for other cars whose parts are often used in Marlin Roadsters like
Dolomite Sprint for its Rear Axle,

Alfa Romeo for its Engine,
Triumph cars for early versions of the Roadster.

Personal Technical Documents

and much more.

If you are a Marlin Owner and have any literature that you think may be useful to other readers
please share it with me and I will make it available.


But mostly enjoy what you find here.


Edited 12/2/2016