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Eastern Montana  and the surrounding region was home to many of the Founding Fathers of the American Highland Cattle Association. I'm proud to be playing a small role in preserving this wonderful, heritage breed and carrying out the mission of our Highland Forefathers!


My cows are adapted to the extreme climate of the Northern Great Plains region. They thrive on the irrigated grasses and forbs on my small farm during the grazing season and local grass hay over the long winters.


You can now find "Gumbo" blood in many of the surrounding states and beyond. I've sold registered, commercial purebred, and Highland/Longhorn cross stock out of: MacBeth of Cherry Point, Tramp's Solus, Prairie Thunder, KHH Brody, BET Bo. My current sire is Shat Acres Crimson Craigievar (Craig).


Currently most of my sales are grass finished beef but occasionally I have purebred Highland breeding stock available. I do not have any breeding stock for sale at this time. 


Grass fed, grass finished beef is currently sold out. Reserve yours for Autumn of 2022.



KHH Brody


DOB 3/26/2012

Reg. # 51,726







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