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Eastern Montana  and the surrounding region was home to many of the Founding Fathers of the American Highland Cattle Association. I'm proud to be playing a small role in preserving this wonderful, heritage breed and carrying out the mission of our Highland Forefathers!


My cows are adapted to the extreme climate of the Northern Great Plains region. They thrive in the typical arid conditions of the Eastern Montana Short Grass Prairie during the grazing season and local grass hay over the long winter.


 You can now find "Gumbo" blood in many of the surrounding states and beyond. I've sold registered, commercial purebred, and Highland/Longhorn cross stock out of three main sires: MacBeth of Cherry Point, Tramp's Solus, and recently, Prairie Thunder. These bulls are descended from some prominent Canadian sires. My current sires are Prairie Thunder out of Wisconsin and KHH Brody from Western Montana. 


I'm now selling purebred Highland breeding stock year round and grass finished beef late summer to winter off pasture. Starting Oct. 4, I will be harvesting 2.5 year old steers off green grass. I currently have 9 calves born March and September 2016 out of Prairie Thunder, KHH Brody, and registered cows. 6 of the calves are bulls, 3 heifers. Call 406-234-1747 or 406-852-0815 if you would like more information about these calves. 


If you're looking for skulls, I have a good selection of Highland and Highland/Longhorn cross skulls available with many new additions. More skull pics will be posted in the future.



 My September born bull calf is ready for a new home!.

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I have grass finished steers available for butcher now. Call to reserve yours today



Five bull calves and two heifer calves joined the herd in March-May 2017!

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2 year old steers available for sale now.








Call for more information or to arrange a tour of my farm.



Bill Tramp, 5336 Valley Dr. East, Miles City, Montana 59301 map

Email: blltrmp@gmail.com                                                 Phone: 406-234-1747 or 406-852-0815


My Main 2015 Sire: Prairie Thunder at 11.







  KHH Brody

Brody has 2017 born calves for reservation.

From March 14-May 14, 6-Brody sired calves were born.




Bulls Sold recently








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